Rocker (live) with TSR

07 Jun Rocker (live) with TSR


Renato Figueiredo

Renato @ Florida; I bought and started learning to play guitar about two years ago, a bit late in life (I am 39). Still a beginner, but motivated and inspired by Fil and other 'bedroom rockers'. I've been posting a few videos here and sound bites on soundcloud, as sort of a logbook with snippets of how my playing (hopefully) evolves, and it may help inspire others who love music to take an instrument, practice, play, and have fun. To contact me by email, my gmail.com username is the same as my username here.

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    Posted at 17:53h, 07 June

    More TSR fun! Had been meaning to try to play Rocker for a while, and improvised the solos.

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