Impulse Responses

Tracked in Gam Studios, located in the hearth of the Belgian Ardennes using legendary vintage cabinets and speakers - tracked with the most legendary vintage microphones.

  • Vintage Neumann® U67 Condenser
  • Vintage Neumann® U87 Condenser
  • Vintage Neumann® U47FET Condenser
  • Vintage Shure® 545 Unidyne III (SM57 capsule) Dynamic
  • Vintage Sennheiser® MD421-U4 Dynamic
  • Royer® R121 Ribbon
  • Beyerdynamic® M160 Ribbon
  • Oktava MK012 Small Condenser Room
  • Neumann U89 Condenser Room


Professional Studio Grade tones that are super easy to use! Live, silent recording at home, ... Even in the studio when there is no time to spend on microphone placement or when the correct gear is not available ! 

It's as simple as hooking up a your favorite amplifier to a good loadbox (e.g. Two Notes® Torpedo Captor), and use the line out to go into your sound interface. From there on, you can load IR files in freeware IR loader plugins/apps and play/record latency free in real-time as you'd be recording through a professional studio recording chain, where the full signal chain from speaker/cabinet, room, microphone(s) , microphone position, preamp, ... is faithfully reproduced. 

Impulse Responses also work flawlessly with modeling amps, for the ultimate portable practice rig!

Hear what the IR's are capable of - The track below is recorded with only using IR's (silent recording) on a SD-50X amplifier.

Please read our manual on how to use IR's:

Tutorial video:

These days, there are plenty of devices on the market which can load 3th party IR's. From attenuators (Two Notes, ..) to stand alone hardware (Line6, Two Notes, Moeer, ...) to simple freeware plugins to load into your DAW. Tracking/monitoring in real time (latency free) is perfectly possible due to the limited processing required to run IR's.

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