SoloDallas® SD63 Solo'Tron Humbucker Pickup

SoloDallas® SD63 Solo'Tron Humbucker Pickup


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The SD63 Solo'Tron® Humbucker pickup is our faithful recreation of the most rock 'n roll pickup ever, the original 60's Filter'Tron®.

This handcrafted humbucking pickup was reverse engineered from Fil's finest example of an original Gretsch 1963 Filter'Tron® pickup, which we consider to be the pinnacle of production for this beauty. 

At a modest 3.9k ohms this pickup is designed to impart naturally occurring sonic vibrations into the signal rather than just transmit interruptions in the magnetic field like higher output pickups. 

This Ultimate Bridge Pickup has the perfect combination of swirl, twang and grit that impart a vintage authenticity to nearly any genre of music. Rockabilly, country, Brit pop, rock, modern P&W... it does it all.

This pickup also works well in neck and middle positions.

Pro Tip:  The moderate output pickup > boost > tube amp method also works very well with other types of pickups and tube amps to accentuate the acoustic qualities of your instrument.


    • Reverse engineered from several original '62 and '63 Gretsch Firebird Pickups
    • 3.9kΩ DC Resistance 
    • Original thickness rough-cast Alnico 5 magnet
    • Carefully selected 42AWG wire
    • Available in Shiny Nickel, Aged Nickel and Gold covers
    • Coax output cable, white goes to hot, braid (shield) and brown go to ground

    Variations to be discussed, we will work something out!