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The Storm features the 100% analog optical limiter+EQ expander+harmonic clipping circuit+boost+line buffer circuit we reverse-engineered from the original Schaffer-Vega Diversity System wireless unit used by Angus Young, David Gilmour, EVH and nearly every legendary guitarist throughout the 70s and 80s. This unique combination of studio effects reproduces the unparalleled string separation, percussive attack, copious harmonics and singing sustain heard on some of the greatest guitar tracks ever recorded!


  • GAIN knob controls our signature clipping circuit that bumps the crucial low-mid frequencies responsible for giving live instruments punch and making them stand out in the mix (think Angus Young guitar tone).
  • BOOST knob controls a powerful pre-amp capable of delivering a whopping 31db of clean boost. This analog boost is perfect for making lead parts stand out, adding fullness to the signal going into the front end of your amplifier or pushing it into oblivion!
  • LIMITER knob controls Ken Schaffer’s signature Opto-Isolator limiter. This optical analog circuit naturally limits the audio signal going into the pedal's circuitry (unlike the complimentary compander circuit which smooths out amplitude after the signal reaches its peak). Limiting is commonly used by mastering engineers to transparently raise overall level, without the risk of clipping and distortion generally associated with gain increases. Sensitivity of this effect may be fine tuned for different output pickups or to give your instrument an open or percussive attack. 


  • 100% Analog Circuitry
  • Commercial Grade PCB
  • Heavy Duty True Bypass Footswitch
  • Blue LED when effect is engaged
  • Neutrik Jacks
  • Power Requirements: 9-12vDC (-) Power Supply - No battery
  • Enclosure Dimensions: 4.69” D x 2.52” W x 1.57” H
  • Made in USA

Power supply sold separately

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Winner of August 2018 Guitar Player Magazine Editor's Pick!

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Emphatic SoloDallas users include legendary guitarists Keith Urban, John Mayer, Keith Richards, Ron Wood, Tony Iommi, Chris Stein, Doug Aldrich, Richard Fortus (GnR), Jared James Nichols, Joe Bonamassa, Coco Montoya, Dave Mustaine, Neal Schon, Billie Joe Armstrong, and Angus Young. Iconic bassists include Pino Palladino, Billy Sheehan, Rudy Sarzo. Keyboard master Derek Sherinian swears by it on organs and synths too.