Free's "Be My Friend" - Guitar Cover

John Mayer & Keith Urban Live Solo Clip

Whoa, this is something worth watching. Please.

Updated: The "What Do You Want Me To Do Next" Post: Top 10 update

Fil’s Update as of Fri March 18th: Shooting of the first tutorial officially begins. Today will be the day of the Back in Black tutorial. Rhythm a...

More on Mic Techniques (never enough)

Shamless Plug from ProGuitarShop Mic Techniques Often times, in our quest for the ultimate tone, we guitarists are so focused on finding the p...

Estranged Solos Cover by Shelbones01!!

AC/DC Live At River Plate Rosie Teaser

My "SECRET-1" Tone Demo/Review

As my confidence with recording audio and video grows – given all the new technology I have been employing – my hunger for video production grows. ...

AC/DC - Rock N Roll Train Cover (Live-style)
Let There Be VEGAs: the Quest formally begins.

Let There Be VEGAs: the Quest formally begins.

So, here they are to us (these three later Cetec-Vega Diversity units). “Us”, I would say, as I hope you’ll follow this one closely with me, as you...

Keith Urban's Tour Rehearshal Video

I am not really into Keith Urban, that I need to let you know. So don’t be scared: is not going to turn into country lol I have list...