Which is Which? (“Bad Boy Boogie” Content)

05 Mar Which is Which? (“Bad Boy Boogie” Content)


so, while trying this boost thing, I thought: why not start from the basics, just like Angus did: begin from the first instance where he used it in the studio (because I think he did, “solving” the “Mystery” of Let There Be Rock Angus’ tone). I did record “Bad Boy Boogie” twice, once with the 1959 (put the new tubes back in, it sounds too much better not to) and once with the 1987.


It’s a foolish test, it demonstrates nothing. But since I was trying both to see (hear) how they’d behave with this boost unit, it came in my mind to have you have a listen.

Please have a listen.

Boogie One

Boogie Two


Now tell me. I think without any doubt that a boost was used. And since, coincidentally, Angus had just got his Vega Diversity Unit, he recorded just with that, and at full blast at that.




Fil "SoloDallas" Olivieri

We Are Rock 'N Roll People.

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    Posted at 18:13h, 20 March

    Hey fil, Boogie two sounds better to me. I’ve been listening very closely to the actually record as well. Try cutting down on the mids a bit, as well as the treble and i think you’ve got it.

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    Posted at 01:20h, 08 March

    Hey Fill is this your new CETEC Vega Boost or that cloe guitar boost pedal? Thanks in advance for your reply

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    Posted at 11:52h, 07 March

    boogie1, Fil. It has that “scratchy” tone to it. Number 2 sounds a bit smoother to me.
    I hope its a 1959 and not a 2203 …
    Second thing is, how much did you boost ? We need to make sure that we dont overuse these things, since im not aware of how much dB the Vega could add, maybe as Angus says really a lot, or more like a slight boost to compensate larger distances from the transmitter to the reciever (thats what i allways thought). But i could imagine that Angus boosted this thing up to the red zone on the monitior 😀

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    Posted at 22:45h, 06 March

    In my opinion boogie 1 sounds better

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    Posted at 22:43h, 06 March

    Uhh, sorry mates, I have misunderstood something. I thought that one mp3 is original AC/DC and the other is Fil 😀
    But I think then, the second is closer to the original Angus’ tone.

    Well done Fil, you are at 99% at the tone 🙂


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