SoloDallas’s Shoot To Thrill Cover (Re-Upload)

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    Posted at 19:38h, 19 November

    Hm solodallas is everywhere, i like that^^ Seriously it’s perfect for me, it’s great to be able to see very well a musician to appreciate music and really see his way of playing a song. Again thanks. I hope you will do others tutorials too. for the sound i find your guitar too compressed,i think it could sound more powerfull with your equipment. But the quality is perfect, do you play in stereo?

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    Posted at 15:46h, 19 November

    I love the drums on this track!! Fill, could you explain how you did it? Maybe the snare drum should be a bit more “fatten”, but the overall result it’s freakin’ awesome… even the cymbals sounds amazing… and the hi-hat, wich is the most difficult part in virtual drum machines! please, tell us!

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    Posted at 12:46h, 19 November

    I’ve had this video stored on my hard drive since it was posted some time ago on Fil’s old account which has since been banned by youtube,due to copy rights.

    It’s a lossless copy of the original video,so it’s exactly the same quality as it was when the man himself uploaded it earlier this year.

    I wanted to download it because of how great it sounds,it’s a perfect instrumental version,and I enjoy singing along,well,trying to sing along to it.


    Figured I’d re-uplaod it since it’s no longer around on youtube and it really should be.


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