13 Aug SoloDallas.net current status, Copyrights and future direction

Update (as of Aug, 14th 2010)

Justin (Justin Sandercoe, a GREAT Musician, Teacher, Promoter and Inspiring Gentleman – you can find him here) has informed me that he has resolved his dispute about his AC/DC videos. The dispute apparently was between J Albert – who caused me to go down with the third warning on my main account – and Sony. But maybe, not exactly like so. I really don’t understand these matters – yet – and I should refrain from commenting. Anyway, news is that my video “Getting the AC/DC tone” was resumed on his channel. Good news.

Justin took the time to write me a splendid email, where he forwards me his comments about me to J Albert productions. I didn’t think I deserved that much attention. God – if he exists – Bless You, Justin.

EDIT: NEWS (as of Aug 13th, 2010): Justin Sandercoe has been “attacked” by copyright owners on his AC/DC videos on YouTube, too. Interesting thing is, Justin had been ASKED by AC/DC to do that! He did that in collaboration with Sony.

So what hit me, is hitting everyone. My intuition is that there is a war between recording labels and publishers. It’s not on “us” mere players, it’s between them. It could be a rational explanation. I expect BIG things coming out of this.

So, many of you have been wondering, what is going to be on solodallas.com, what’s its direction, what…?

Here a few quick answers to update you:

– After the shutdown of my main YouTUbe account a few days ago, I have created another YouTube page here

Nice to see what some people are saying about me.

By the way, Thank You, Tim!

(I consider Tim my long distance Manager).

The plan is/was to make solodallas.com a “classic rock” community point of reference. I have high expectations and high ambitions. It will be free for all of us users. This will take time. I don’t expect it happening tomorrow. It took me years for my YouTube account to grow. It will be the same here. Quality contents and “humane” behavior are part of my trademark. Yup, that’s me. So don’t be in a hurry, ’cause I’m not. I’d rather grow slowly – if grow at all, which is a possibility now, with the world moving this fast – but provide reliable, qualitative contents.

YouTube has had an evident enforcement of copyright infringement regulations. Not their fault, don’t blame it on them. I don’t. I could blame it on the record labels/copyright institutions but then again, these guys have seen a lot of piracy going on. Evidently, they are at a status in which they can not tell – or they don’t intend to – the difference between who does stuff to even promote, show for good intents, teach etc. from who does it for other reasons. I wrote a Sony AC/DC Manager about it but I have been ignored.

My current/future tactic will be therefore to “announce” a new video on YouTube, playing only 8 seconds of it – to prevent copyright infringement – and link it to this place (solodallas.com), where it can be watched with popcorns and beer (or Fanta, like me, since I don’t drink alcohol) from your couch, comfortably and fully, with full info on the original recording and what I did with it. I am using another video sharing facility and until they jail me, I will keep on switching video sharing facilities. The video sharing facility site will be “transparent”, in the sense that I will not make you go there. I will embed the videos here, so that we can comment here, post here and keep everything here. The good thing is also that when they take a video down, I can simply change the link in the post and all our comments and info remain intact.

– future plans: I am uploading (as I speak) most of my older videos onto another video sharing site therefore they will be available here for all of you to recall the good old times of SoloDallas v. 1.0. Tutorials and performances. I also intend to redo everything from scratch – like I started doing with the “New Series”, both performances and TUTORIALS. Tutorials will be in high definition, balanced speech and guitar sound, made – hopefully better than in the past – more in depth for both beginners AND advanced.

– to be continued/updated

Fil "SoloDallas" Olivieri

We Are Rock 'N Roll People.

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    Posted at 10:28h, 16 August

    Puuh! I was afraid that Solodallas quit for good:) Really ridicilous that youtube shut down accounts all the time now because of rights. There are tons of uploaded musicvideos movies and stuff that they cant keep track of.

    Did ac/dc ask justin too shut down his videos? I dont really understand that part. Anyways good to see you again Dallas.

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      Posted at 14:50h, 16 August

      πŸ˜€ Impossible. Music is part of my life πŸ™‚ The Justin thing I didn’t get it, frankly. We spoke – him and me – but he was furious and didn’t explain – understandably – much. Seems like J Albert “claimed” property, despite the fact that Sony and AC/DC had already agreed. Filthy business on behalf of J Albert. I feel that J Albert may be in conflict with AC/DC and/or Sony, and this was one of the many retaliations that they put in place. But this is all my speculation and it should disregarded. I am not an important element. I am a perfect nobody πŸ™‚

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    Posted at 19:48h, 15 August

    Glad that you are still motivated to keep going – the idea of a community site is great.

    Your videos have had a great deal of influence in getting me to start playing guitar after a very long time – it’s been almost a year now since I started and it’s been a joy to play and learn from you, Justin and others at youtube.

    In the meantime I also purchased a few CDs – so I echo a comment above, I’m pretty sure your videos have indirectly helped to sell music, but the music industry probably does not get it…


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      Posted at 14:59h, 16 August

      I am probably more motivated now than before. The shock of being obliterated was painful on the verge of crying at first. Then, a few hours later, a bit of rage, some ranting and then, a strong energy to do good and better, possibly. So I got down into it and started making videos again. I love making them, it’s a form of creativity – nothing much – but it keeps your mind and body busy and you look to the final result of sound and image. THANKS for your witness, it means to me.

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        Posted at 09:39h, 17 August

        Thank *you* for your videos – you’ve got talent and passion for music and it’s great that you like to share it.

        In the spirit of sharing, I think one way that this site can be better than youtube is if it encourages users to share/find useful information beyond videos – like links/uploaded backing tracks for practice, amp settings, hints that people learn along the way about songs they like, etc. Not sure what kind of support wordpress provides for a forum-style thing but it might not be hard. Just an idea.


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          Posted at 09:42h, 17 August

          Forum is the next step, no doubt. I was willing to put it on right away from the start, but was told it’d be a mistake until a give number of users is reached. Reason: it’d be a DEAD place, nobody would want to expose themselves in it, no posts… terrible. So I decided to start slowly, with this site and the comments first. THEN the forum πŸ™‚

          • avatar
            Posted at 10:19h, 17 August

            makes sense, this seems to be the best approach and you’re one step ahead πŸ™‚

            (I wonder if forums could import comments – for example if comment threads started from a tutorial post would also show up as a discussion thread in the forum. Later on that might also help ease in usage rather than starting from a blank forum page.)

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    Posted at 03:44h, 14 August

    your a great teacher and player, and only encouraged me to spend thousands of dollars on a gibson sg & marshall amp so the free stuff makes em all money in the end, I also bought 2 acdc cd’s

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    Posted at 21:32h, 13 August

    Good luck Fil,this place is great,hope you get to keep it that way πŸ™‚

    Couldn’t believe all your videos were gone when I first found out.

    Looking forward to the New Series though,they’ve came out fantastic so far.


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    Posted at 06:26h, 13 August

    All these label companies and so on, are very short term minded. If they thought of it only 5mn, they would see that your only goal is to share your passion for music and that you do it for FREE (and I’m sure it’s not free for you). The only possible consequence is that people buy more AC/DC records and go to AC/DC shows…

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    Posted at 06:24h, 13 August

    (off topic) is Fanta your fav drink, well it’s mine to

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    Posted at 22:59h, 12 August

    It’s just not fair the good guys like you Fil always have to get shit on by some money hungry bastards

  • avatar
    Posted at 13:15h, 12 August

    A fine level headed response to the atrocities recently committed against yourself πŸ™‚

    • avatar
      Posted at 13:18h, 12 August

      Sir, thanks for coming over Sir. I like you to be here. It just feels… huh… familiar.

  • avatar
    Posted at 11:40h, 12 August

    cant wait Fil! thanks for letting us know πŸ™‚

  • avatar
    Posted at 10:58h, 12 August

    Hey Fil, i learned a lot of rock and feeling with you. This Youtube guys are idiots. I hope some day i can play like you.

    One salute from Spain, Rafa

    P.D.: I love my SG πŸ˜€

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    Posted at 10:16h, 12 August

    Hi Solo, I can only regret this. These “legal battles” are so ridiculous. One of your “disciples”, young Jaiminhopagina, has also gotten warnings just recently and moved to another website. Let’s hope that all this goes away in some good fashion going forward.

    Best regards
    Jonas, Stockholm

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    il postino
    Posted at 10:14h, 12 August

    Vai avanti, sei in gamba! Buon lavoro (spero che la fatica sia appagata con la soddisfazione).

  • avatar
    Posted at 08:55h, 12 August

    I think it’s sad that things like this must affect people who might not even be aiming at piracy at all, piracy is bad but it affects wrong people πŸ™ ..

  • avatar
    Posted at 05:53h, 12 August

    Copyrightnazis III…

    SoloDallas’ youtube-Channel wurde ja letztlich auch gesperrt, und hier gibts ein Statement von ihm dazu. Interessant ist, dass Justin Sandercoe (auch so ein Gitarrenguru, der viele Tutorials gemacht und u.a. zusammen mit AC/DC einen Wettbewerb zum Nac…

  • avatar
    Posted at 05:31h, 12 August

    good, then comes the piracy war again, ‘member the pirate bay?

    either way suing through the interwebs is an uphill battle just look at limewire…

  • avatar
    Posted at 04:46h, 12 August

    Thank You for this info.

    Now We All know where we are at πŸ˜€

    • avatar
      Posted at 04:51h, 12 August

      It was due to you all πŸ™‚

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