Peavey Classic 30 – Rocksound

30 Jan Peavey Classic 30 – Rocksound


Hey I am Josi (20) from Germany and a huge AC/DC-fan. I saw them two times in my life and hope that they will come back, soon. Exuse my english.

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    Posted at 00:04h, 31 January

    Hey, I checked your Youtube-channel. I saw a video where u record your Marshall Valvestate. Also with a Shure SM57 mic. I must say the sound-quality of this video (Peavey Classic 30) is a lot better, it’s great!! What made the difference?? I have a Shure SM57 too and I’m searching for the right recording sound…

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      Posted at 00:46h, 31 January

      I recorded the guitar twice and panned it hard left / hard right.
      Moreover, it is critical for the sound, how you place your SM57 in front of the speaker. In YouTube you can find toturials how to do it “right”, but this is of course a matter of taste!
      Last crucial point is of course the used amplifiers and speakers. ;D

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    Posted at 22:55h, 30 January

    The tone is nice; thanks for posting.
    But yes, the clicking/hissing here and there is distracting – I wonder why your laptop may be causing that, you have an external device capturing/digitizing the sound, your computer shouldn’t need to be doing much work – perhaps there are other USB devices connected, or other applications open?

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      Posted at 23:25h, 30 January

      No, there are no other USB devices connected, this clicking also exists when I record something through the microphone-jack!
      It is horrible.. it needs 10 minutes to boot!
      I need to install the operatig system freshly, I hope it will be better then. I guess that would also motivate me to do better and more records.

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        Posted at 00:12h, 31 January

        I see – a clean operating system install might help indeed; if it takes that long to boot, it might be full of “bloat-ware” applications that come pre-installed and that you might not need. Good luck!

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          Posted at 00:23h, 31 January

          Most of the time goes by during the Windows boot logo, so I think that the problems are deep in the system.
          Thank you!

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            Posted at 08:38h, 31 January

            Damn taht sounds exactly like the Problem my Girlfriend had with her Laptop … Doing a new Windows 7 insallation was the only chance to getting her Laptop work propperly 🙁
            Thats why I love my XP never had such problems and every time I had to work with a Windows 7-PC I become overwhelmed with hatred 😀

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