Bullet – Dusk til Dawn (my first video here)

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    Posted at 21:59h, 20 November

    The singer doesn’t sound like Brian a mile ??? Brian’s voice is way different, although its a bit reminding but this guy is more an opera guy if you know what I mean, he hasn’t got the same bite than Brian.

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    Posted at 21:42h, 20 November

    Good job, the video is great! However i don’t like the song, its like “hard fm” to me, it’s just my personnal opinion.

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    Posted at 21:24h, 20 November

    So is that fat brian johnson singing? Sounds exactly the same. But this is pretty good.

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    Posted at 21:01h, 20 November

    Hi! This is my first video post i have done, i tried to find a band that i felt wouldn’t feel like ”oh this is to dark, to much about death and sad feelings”- style, rather i wanted it to feel somehow like ac/dc which i in some sense feel these guys have, i also wanted it to be a metal band but a basicly simple one as well, in sense that it’s not super long riffs, it’s not about blood and gore, it’s not technicly ”super fast”, but i find it simple, and the lyrics.. Well.. I like them. I hope everyone enjoy this song, even if you’re not that much into metal, but let me hear what you think about this song and/or the band 🙂

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