Angus Guitars Part 1

24 Jan Angus Guitars Part 1


Kyle Cyr

Hi everyone.... I am 23 and have been studying and learning the guitar for about 7 years or more and have really become attached to AC/DC and all classic rock in general and just can get enough. I recently fulfilled one of my dreams and purchased my dream Guitar a 1970 Gibson SG which I live to death and have yet to play a better guitar. Solodallas (Fil) has been a big influence in my playing and learning from the begining and now this site will keep the journey going. Rock On Fil :)

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    Posted at 20:17h, 25 January

    Actually, why did he take off lyre vibrola? It looked fantastic!
    Uncomfortable or what……

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      Posted at 20:27h, 25 January

      As far as I know because it was going out of tune too fast with the vibrola.

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        Posted at 20:37h, 25 January

        But Franz, is it going out of tune when you don’t use whammy bar? Yeah , I heard that angus signature sg ( with vibrola) is going out of tune very fast, but I thought it’s caused of using that arm.
        Btw, You like blackie….. my personal best is 1970 or 1971 , uhmmmmm, pure beauty 😀

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          Posted at 20:45h, 25 January

          I’m not really sure, Pawel, but as far as I remember, yes.
          Yeah, right, Blackie is my favourite here 🙂 But I also like the walnut colored mahogany ones, for example, the one in Fils HWTH video.

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            Posted at 22:57h, 25 January

            i like any SG ^^ although i would have to say the 70/71 would be for me 😛

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