You Shook Me All Night Long Tone Test

07 Nov You Shook Me All Night Long Tone Test

Blake Kobiska

I'm Blake, I'm 17 and play rhythm guitar. Malcolm younf is my idol, I've looked up to him since I started to play at 12; he's the one that made me think to myself:" I better pick up a guitar"

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    Posted at 05:11h, 15 December

    I’d say you more or less have it nailed down. Sounds real good! I have the exact same compressor pedal at home.

    How did you have the pedal set up?

    And how did you take Angus’ guitar out of the right channel?

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    Posted at 05:51h, 07 November

    Hey guys, I’m really trying to get into more Angus material. This is one of my attempts at matching his tone.
    Guitar Rig 5 used; settings are seen in the picture, but:
    -Jump amp (see pic for EQ, gain)
    -Control Room Pro
    -4×12 UK 70’s Black Cab
    -Con 87 mic in cap edge position
    panned hard right
    -12-13% space
    Studio Reverb used to make a tape echo effect
    Ran an Xotic SP Compressor pedal “in front of the amp” to boost and compress the signal like the Schaffer Replica would.

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      Posted at 10:16h, 07 November

      not bad 🙂

      try this 😉

      Plex Vol1 4 Vol2 0 B5 M5 T6 P2-3
      Cab Modern U67 Mic 33% room 33% Air Pan about 80% right

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