Whole Lotta Love (Led Zeppelin) – cover by JaiminhoPagina

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    Posted at 00:05h, 05 December

    dude sick! love the theramine! what kind of amp are u playing through dude?

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      Posted at 06:10h, 09 December


      It’s a Tubeamps Plexi. Just a 1987 replica.

      Funny thing is part of the drive is actually Cubase clipping. Really! lol

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    Posted at 14:46h, 03 December


    Never seen this blend of gear before 🙂 give me info!!

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      Posted at 06:08h, 09 December

      Thanks buddy!

      It’s my R8 with Manlius T-top bridge/Landmark PAF neck (like JP’s #1 back in the day). Pedals-wise, I’m only running the ClinchFX EP-PRE (Echoplex pre-amp replica) for some “tone coloring”. Amp is a Tubeamps Plexi (1987 clone made here in Brazil) running through a Weber Mass to tame down the volume and into a (homemade) 4×12 with Celestion G12H 55hz speakers. A totally Jimmy Page-esque setup, yeah. xD

      Theremin running through an MXR Carbon Copy delay into input 2, as you can see.

      SM57 into computer and recorded with Audacity. Nothing out of ordinary.

      The guitar tone actually was EQ’ed on Cubase afterwards (by my good friend Marcus – user Mackollas here). The sound was a bit muffled so he did some tweaking and added extra distortion to the guitar tracks (yeah. digital distortion. Go figure…..) and it sounds a lot like the Royal Albert Hall 1970 performance! lol

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        Posted at 06:56h, 09 December

        So cool dude! love every bit of it

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