01 Oct Dickie Betts’ (Allman Brothers’) “Jessica” Video Lesson

We are classic rock oriented folks right? Right. So we enjoy these (right, Fil).

More so, this video is inspiring and rewarding for a specific reason: Dickie Betts’ moves. I could connect with him immediately.

As he plays, he moves across, sideways, everywhere. Watch him.

Watch him strive for timing and touch.
That is a necessity for good players. You start feeling it inside.


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14 Sep The Metro Session – Angus Young Signature

With this video I am starting to release a number of videos (around 10) from edited footage shot recently. This one features an Angus Young Signature played on this Metro (Metropoulos amplification) and on a vintage original 1969 Marshall 4×12 non slanted cabinet with original, vintage G12s in it.

Video will end at a given moment as camera died. But the sound was still recorded (separately) so it will play back.

Information about Metro Amps here: http://metroamp.com/

If you decide to contact Metro, please let them know you came from SoloDallas – aka Fil – I’d love to get some recognition for this and slowly transform this site into a small business.

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