The Original, 1977 Schaffer-Vega Diversity: Different! Update, FIRST Audio!

09 Jul The Original, 1977 Schaffer-Vega Diversity: Different! Update, FIRST Audio!

Update of Sat July 9th:

first recording ever with one of my two original, 1977 Schaffer-Vega Diversity systems.

Your ears.




Pictures and videos coming soon.

Note: sound is superb. I have to say that is very, very close to the sound of the Cetec Vega (front panel) but it still… different.

Boost was at half. Compression half. This unit appears to be a lot more noisy than the Cetec Vegas (background hiss). The Cetec Vegas R42/T77 have to be taken with all intents and purposes as evolutions of this system (pleasing).

I think that the SVDS systems were indeed noisier. Maybe not as much as this old unit, that – despite a first round of setting up – might need more tuning/fixing etc.

Recorded with one single Neumann U67





Hear hear: upon opening the original units (being done exactly this moment as I write), it was found that the Cetecs and the SVDS are completely different systems.

I consider this surprising, as I really thought they were the same. This does match what Mr. Schaffer had told me.

The circuits, transformer, ICs,  rear output and front output and even the Transmitter(!) are ALL different from the Cetec Vegas.

Particularly interesting, on the TX side, the impedance is NOT 50kohm, but at least 100kohm, meaning slightly more “brilliant” (not as dark) tone.


I should have one unit ready to play this Italian evening.


You have been warned (laughs).








Fil "SoloDallas" Olivieri

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    Posted at 18:01h, 28 July

    This is what I found out last night for boosting with an overdrive pedal. The SDVS has two boosts on it. So you turn the volume up on the overdrive pedal from 4-6 like he does on the TX side (gain 0). I put the lows on 6 and the highs on 8 for BiB and for other songs on the album raise highs to 9. You have to play with the volume on the guitar though from about 8-10 for the attenuator. Now I have played with the volume on the pedal from 3-10, but i couldn’t get the fat tone he does so i got on the internet and read where he boosts it on the TX and the transmitter i think is what has the second boost. So i put the volume on 6 and the gain to 4-5 preferring 4 1/2. Same EQ as listed above. NMV Marshall volume 6 treble 5 mid 5 bass 8. Same as Fil’s settings on one of the SVDS recordings and with the gain up I got the fat sound that we all try to achieve. The overdrive I have been using is a Digitech Bad Monkey. Marshall Class 5. I don’t know if a different pedal will be much different maybe adjust the gain a little higher or lower whether how much gain the pedal has. This Marshall amp is so much like a Marshall SLP. Some say its the best amp Marshall has made in a long time and I agree. Oh yeah, you may have to tweak the treble on the amp for an attenuator. I can’t really record so you can try this yourself and see the fat tone you get that may require tweaking thats just the settings that sounds good with my gear. Don’t be reluctant to turn the gain up. It fattens the sound up so much more than just the volume boost alone. Comment on your results.

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      Posted at 18:05h, 28 July

      When i said my Marshall was like a SLP I meant that it has the same layout basically and the tone is so close just 95 watts lower. Maybe closer to a 1987. Lol.

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    Posted at 19:24h, 17 July

    Houston we have landed!!!!

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    Posted at 23:54h, 13 July

    I’d love to play guitar with that tone, don’t you guys?
    It would be heaven, and I wish AC/DC used those boosts etc nowadays.. 🙂

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    Posted at 13:29h, 12 July

    lol i can hear your phone ringing in the background

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      Posted at 15:53h, 12 July

      I thought I was going mad, but now I got an evidence that it wasn’t my mind! hahaha

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        Posted at 13:20h, 13 July

        lol its not the only audio test hes had his phone ringing in the background, he must lock him self in the lab XD

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    Posted at 09:39h, 11 July

    Fil fil fil……… you rock my friend!!!

    There is just one thing your missing…….. and i want you to try an guess 🙂 *hint* star wars


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      Posted at 09:41h, 11 July

      p.s i want it in your next video ^^

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        Posted at 09:47h, 11 July

        Darth Vader on the bass playing along with Fil? 😀

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          Posted at 23:00h, 11 July

          the emporer on drums XD

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          Posted at 13:17h, 12 July

          Fil said he would wear a stormtrooper belt in one of his videos a while back, he tried on the full suit but he had major manoverability issues lol

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