16 Sep The Metro Session: 2007 R8 Gibson Les Paul Standard “Chambered”

So much for vintage LPs! Chambered Les Pauls sound pretty good in my humble. This one here has nothing special, I just purchased it randomly.

I changed both pickups to TimBuckers though, and did ’50s wiring. Bridge is TonePros.

This is also the guitar that I used with Jaiminho Pagina collaboration here.

Fil "SoloDallas" Olivieri

We Are Rock 'N Roll People.

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    Posted at 08:30h, 27 September

    I tried an Les Paul Traditional (HC Burst), it had been PLEK’d and all that stuff a while ago.. And i love it, but also hate it.. It made my current guitar feel and sound like a joke in compare… It simply felt that perfect i allways wanted my guitar to feel like, no fret buzz, nothing.. just perfect sound when i tried it out, stock and brand new(not broken in or anything), i’am strongly thinking of changing guitar right now cause it felt (and sounded) so badass to play 😀

    I’am going for an VoS SG, if it turns out to not feel as good as i want, i’am gonna sell it or try to change it to another guitar with the same level of quality and feel 🙂

    Do you think these pickups comes close to the ones on your conversation one, and did you wire the guitar yourself?

    This guitar sounds like a monster!

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    Posted at 06:12h, 27 September

    Ti prego FIl, quando hai tempo fai un video con la tua Gretsch Firebird, adoro quella chitarra! 🙂 ciao e congratulazioni per Luna!

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      Posted at 06:13h, 27 September

      L’ho girato Lory, devo solo editarlo e pubblicarlo. Non so se ti piacerà, ma c’è e sarà pubblicato oggi o domani. Ora ne sto “tirando su” un altro, online tra poco. Baci ed auguri, Fil

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    Posted at 19:41h, 16 September

    you kind of butchered sunshine of your love at first haha

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    Posted at 11:51h, 16 September

    Awesome amp, I’m considering getting one. What volume were you one btw?

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      Posted at 11:55h, 16 September

      Write George and let him know, ask him. I think he also has them in “kit” form, to assemble yourself. Those are half the price! Around 1k USD.
      Amp was at 8-ish high treble volume; Treble 10, mids 10, bass 3-8 (can’t remember exactly; used to bring it up with SGs and down with LPs). presence 0 and only at 10 when playing the “woman tone” with tone pot closed. normal volume usually at 0 (there’s one high treble volume and one normal volume).

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        Posted at 12:31h, 16 September

        Cheers, I’m still deciding which amp to get, I’m considering getting the metro (cos they’re awesome), a Marshall 1978 JMP50 or a 50 watt vintage modern because they have master volumes which is usefull.

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          Posted at 13:41h, 17 September

          i just got myself an Orange Tiny Terror. Little Rocker, it sounds like a jtm45 (a little Plexi if you like) perfect for anything pre80s and after 90s (AC/DC). I didnt try Flick of the Switch and so on with it. But im flashed, maybe ill do a little video, since i think Oranges are the better Marshalls today. Oranges still sound like 70s RockNRoll Roar while the reissued Marshalls seem to have lost a bit of their Tone Quallitys in the past years. AND The orange has a seperated Volume / Gain Kontroll, if you like it vintage you simply crank the Volume and set the Gain to match your Guitar & Amp era you want to get. Im in love with this little “Joke” 😀

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    Posted at 10:30h, 16 September

    Fil- that is just a MONSTER tone!! I have a chambered LP as well and think that this combo of the Metro & LP is as good as it gets!! I must consider calling George about getting one of my own!!



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      Posted at 10:32h, 16 September

      Ain’t it Khan? So much for vintage. I mean, naturally vintage sounds… vintage, but these newer ones, properly setup (this one has also been PLEK’d, which I recommend), MAYBE some boutique pickups and a few more things and the guitar sings. Meh!

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