The Metro Session: 1968 Gibson SG Standard “Blackie”

29 Sep The Metro Session: 1968 Gibson SG Standard “Blackie”

Still camera audio. Rather than having you waiting a month, I’d rather put it up now. Because the mixing of the three microphones tracks in protools, video sync and all takes more time.

Fil "SoloDallas" Olivieri

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    Posted at 20:08h, 15 May

    Hi, cool site here.
    I’m dreaming of this Guitar. I think in a few month
    this Guitar will be mine and i buy it when i have enough

    I play in this moment with a SG Copy, but i have change
    the Pickups to 490. After this i have change the Mechanics.

    I think this Guitar from me is good, but when i have a original SG in my Hand, i feel this is the only one for
    me. The Stringheight is perfectly and the Strings did’nt
    buzzing. 😉

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    Posted at 02:36h, 10 November

    Hey phill, what pickups are u using there?

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    Posted at 21:44h, 07 December

    I’m reviewing some videos. Great performance here… The solo’s are really perfect!! Amazing!!

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    Posted at 14:27h, 03 October

    Hey Fil and Solodallas.net
    Im not sure if this is the right Spot but ive also got a “Blackie” here, feel free to comment:


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    Posted at 10:27h, 03 October

    Happy to see u at Metro. I built one of they’re 1987’s a couple years ago. I think I am pretty good with my amp setup. It’s been to David Bray since and was modded to your specs. Looks like ur playing a Metro 1959 there. Does it have a MV on the back?

    I have a 2002 Gibson SG special ( all i can afford right now). It has 490 PU in it. Would different bridge pu give it a more vintage sound or Angus tone. Lets say Classic 57’s or AY signature?


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      Posted at 10:44h, 03 October

      The 490 is a basicly 57 with a modern (4 wire) wiring instead of the 2 wire vintage thing at the 57. You you could try the AY to kick your amp a bit harder, gives you a little extra gain on vintage voiced amps with a limited amount of gain (Angus’ dirty little secret).

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    Posted at 01:21h, 30 September

    The “Blackie”: AWESOME GUITAR DUDE!!!

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    Posted at 16:29h, 29 September

    Geiler Sound…

    Schaut Euch das an, Leute. So ein geiler Sound, und obwohl der Sound diesmal nur vom Kamera-Mikro kommt. Eine 1968er Gibson SG Standard, Metropoulos-Verstärker und ein Marshall 4×12″ Cabinet aus den 70ern. Bin ja derzeit am überlegen, ob ich nicht de…

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    Posted at 16:23h, 29 September

    What a great guitar…dont know which one is my favourite one, either the Angus Young signature or this one…or maybe just both of them 🙂

    Speaking about bridge pickups, I’m thinking about replacing the standard bridge pickup in my 2008 SG standard with a AY signature pickup…do you think it’s worth it?

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    Posted at 12:51h, 29 September

    Are you planning to make a clip with your VoS SG with the AY-signature pickup? It would be nice to hear how it sound on the metro 🙂

    Love the sound of these clips you uploaded, keep the great work up, nice work!

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      Posted at 15:05h, 29 September

      The Vos is in pieces right now. I took many parts off of it for other guitars. Need to put it back together, but I will!

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        Posted at 16:08h, 29 September

        Aw, well, i suppose then the parts serve good usefullness where they are used now, but nice to hear 🙂

        I was thinking about getting one, i think the seller of the SG i spoke about earlier is already sold 🙁

        I spoke to Seymour duncan through email, and asked if they could make a similar pickup as in the 50 limited Signature, which they could, as i’am thinking to replace some parts to obtain a better tone without permamently changing the guitar. Is the electronic in the standard SG V.O.S’s good (like the wiring)or should they be replaced if i’am going for the same guitar and want to improve if with botuique parts?

        Thanks for the response 🙂 !

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          Posted at 16:34h, 29 September

          if im allowed to jump in here 😀

          ive got a VOS aswell, with the maestro, Maestro… yeah its unnecessary but it does effect the tone, it adds a bit shimmering on top. sounds different than a stop bar. Electrics are as close as you can get, 500k good quallity (CTSs?) Pots and Bumblebee style Caps, the Gibson Custom Shop does a great Job at their bussines. You could get old Caps but im not sure if you want that, they dry out and loose their effect. Your VOS, a good one, will sound like a Guitar in the 60s did. But a guitar from the 60s sounds different nowdays, through years of aging sun, weather, sweat and playing. So i wont change too much, just give it some love and play it. Burstbuckers can be good, can be bad. I got a custom ordered SG (i dindt order it) with 57s in it, and its Black instead of the usuall Cherry you can get, quite rare today and a quite decent sound, not comparable to the USA line, in not a single point : Electrics, wood, building process, its hand made (almost), frets are different AND plekd, even the inlays are different. I like the way they do them, because the Custom Shop does the EXACT reissues, its not just a sticker they put on it. But you really might not like the Burstbuckers in it, to many people they sound harsh instead of the “creamy” 57s, and the common PAF reissues.
          If youd like to head something, i cound do a little recording via GR4 and send it over. Just get me noticed (Hagen_L@web.de) me and ill do a little video with some pics aswell. And i wouldnt put the SDs in, get Classics, Reissues or if youre loaded real PAFs in it. Though im not sure what PUs are in Angus’ no1 im sure they arent SDs. My guess would be a slightly (~8kOhms?) overwound PAF that came stock with the Guitar. But your Pickups are your preference, i tryed Pearly Gates, the AY sig. and a Kloppmann PAF. But after playing them all for a while i put the 57classics back in (not even the 57plus). Their Output is enough, clear and warm sounding and nice ‘n fat but still well defined bass. And i guess someone put them in for a reason 😉

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            Posted at 17:07h, 29 September

            Hey and OFCOURSE are you allowed to join the disgussion 😀

            The modified pickups SD did for Angus is apperantly close, i’ve heard alot of people are satisfied with them, but i also consider the SD 59´s, they sound gorgous i think.

            I’am not bashing anything on the stock VoS SG, but i seek a more vintage tone, i don’t wanna change more than would be needed to obtain a better tone, not if i have to, and permamently changing stuff on it would be out of question 🙂

            I have deicided to choose the VoS SG of some reasons, i got a a barely allowed budget for it, i have deicided to go a step further in sense of quality, sound and look for one part, and i wanted to be sure that the second guitar i obtain DO have these cathegories Garanteed from factory, which they have, i also wanted a plek´d guitar, i hate fret buzz, and i would also want it to be closer to vintage guitars in sense of specs(body style e.t.c), look And be sure that i get alot of guitar per cent.

            Another reason was that even if the seller still had the vintage SG for sale, what if it brokes? I don’t have a luthier or anyone really who can repair it and i have no experience myself to attempt, and closest people who can wouldn’t be interrested(…), and no budget to finance any broken parts or repair IF it would broke, if i obtain a VoS SG i get a garantee that everything works, i will know it’s not cracked and it’s basicly plug and play, also some other factors, like that i wanna get more experience with guitars and instruments before aquiring vintage, i choose it because of these reasons. I think that is a good choice based on how the situation looks like, but also based on economy, it may sound naive or something but i think it’s best to do this, i can allways buy vintage when i’am much more experienced with guitars and knows more about them 🙂

            I think the pickups SD did for AY is close to the sound i seek, like their 59´, but they told they Could make a copy of his pickup by Custom shop 🙂

            No problem i would love to hear the sound, my email is : SebbeV8@Spray.Se incase you make a clip 🙂

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              Posted at 18:45h, 29 September

              Done ! Let me know if its worth a YouTube Sound video 🙂

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                Posted at 14:00h, 03 October

                I sended an respond through email incase you didnt notice 🙂

                Does pickups also ”brokes in” , as like with the wood and the rest on the guitar due to age, how it’s played e.t.c?

                It would be really interresting with an article about vintage/replica/bontique pickups 🙂

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                  Posted at 14:25h, 03 October

                  Im sure pickups change their sound over time. They loose their magnetic stregth the poles and the wire starts to rust, might change the overall eq slightly

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    Posted at 12:44h, 29 September

    don’t know who i love most, the amp, the guitar, or simply you xD

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    Posted at 11:53h, 29 September

    This guitar sounds perhaps the most alive of all the videos with the camera audio. I love the tones youre getting! on all the videos!

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      Posted at 15:07h, 29 September

      This is a really great guitar. I know it, because I spent a lot of time on it. It didn’t give its best though, and not with this amp: this guitar has the bridge pickup very low on output. So it needs more drive to really give its best. It pleases me though to know that you heard it nonetheless

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    Posted at 10:53h, 29 September

    I love italian language, very melodic sounding 🙂

    As for the amp with this guitar it’s hard to tell…

    It’s probably because the combination of your camera mic and my God d**n headphones. I wish I could have been there in person.

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      Posted at 15:07h, 29 September

      Yep it’s not this great with the camera 🙁

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