That Perfect Couple – A Schaffer Replica Pedal & A Rock ‘n’ Roll Relics “Angus” Model (by Billy Rowe)

17 Jun That Perfect Couple – A Schaffer Replica Pedal & A Rock ‘n’ Roll Relics “Angus” Model (by Billy Rowe)


after long months of silence (sorry!) I got to do two videos in a row.

And I would do far more if I had the time. Hopefully later. But I really – we really – wanted to get this out.

Great guitar, this Rock ‘n’ Roll Relics. Why, you ask? With all the vintage ones you have… here’s the answer.

I don’t like new, usually. New sounds like new. Plasticky, especially in the case of Gibson co. There are exceptions of course. Plus… expensive, especially if you go custom shop.

Well with Billy Rowe is not really the case. He gives you a guitar like the one you want, the way you want it. And it won’t neither look nor sound like it is new. It does feel and sound like vintage.

Can’t take my eyes off it either… nice to have in my hands and play some. Plays great. Not even plek’d! Just like it came to me from Billy, but set up by me (I like it super low action, just like I think Angus does and always did).


It was played on one of my three 1970s Marshall 2203s. I had them all brought back to original, stock sound (much better).

Settings were presence 0, bass 7, mids 3, treble 5, master volume 7 and pre-amp volume 4, until I brought it up to 7 for “Walk All Over You”. Then left it there for subsequent few riffs.

Microphone is the now trusty (and way cheaper) Peluso P67, and incredible clone of the Neumann U67. Really it’s got the same character of it!


To contact Billy,




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Fil "SoloDallas" Olivieri

We Are Rock 'N Roll People.

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    Posted at 06:53h, 09 July

    Are Fil’s glasses supposed to act like Angus’ hat? You put them on and throw them right off 😛

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    Posted at 22:14h, 23 June

    Just got back from a weeks holiday (no proper internet) and another treat waiting for me once i got home 🙂

    That guitar is killer the cutaways are just how i like them too! Nice deep n pointy, need to pre order that pedal 😛

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    Posted at 07:46h, 18 June

    Hey Fil how do we order one of these, by calling the number on the RnR website? Also I was looking at the Angus model, it seems you can order many pickup options, which ones did you get? and what do you recommend given the different magnet options etc….

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      Posted at 13:57h, 18 June

      Yes bro, anyway you like to order. Billy is all ears. He’s also reading here. You can call him up ( (415) 676-7696 ), write him at the site ( http://www.rocknrollrelics.netinfo@rocknrollrelics.net ) or shout loud in here ( 😆 ). The first of these options you like the best 🙂

      He put in for me David Allen P51, and I liked/like them much. On the hotter side – let me try and give you more specs maybe speaking with David if you want. There IS an incredible amount of superb pickups out there right now. Makers have never been more prolific.
      I can and will recommend the options Billy chose for me at the time of making mine, which are a rather flat and wide fretboard, low action and the P51s. Keep in mind that you can have the guitar either red or black, both either with smaller or larger pick guard! This is a neat option. We could even switch back and forth between them, as Billy does NOT route (unless so asked) for a third, centre pickup. So you CAN remove the larger pickguard and add the smaller version (holes will be visible in upper area naturally, but with Angus and his guitars… scratches and holes were never a big deal 😆 ).

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        Posted at 14:18h, 18 June

        Fil, when you say “low action” (in general), how low is that actually in numbers? At the moment, I adjusted my string action height to a 2mm plektrum on the fretboard, which fits tight on the 1st fret and loose (about 3mm) on the last one. Is that low?

        • avatar
          Posted at 18:29h, 18 June

          Have no idea, would have to see it myself and most of all, feel it. While we could measure the height of the strings, there are several things that have to be felt – for me at least.
          Usually it’s an overall thing.
          What I would do is to lower them the most physically achievable. The most, really. Meaning that, the lower strings won’t buzz (too much) and the higher, thinner strings will still vibrate without stopping and causing that unbearable sound (when they are stopped) – it sounds a bit like “plink plink”. Sounds like shit and I can’t stand it.

          It’s never only a thing of bridge lowering or raising, it does include the neck angle, which is why I almost don’t even keep the truss rod cover on (I re-set it frequently, because woods move in the environments I play in and because I stress my guitars pretty much by bending strings).
          So it is a number of things altogether.
          It DID happen that I had to change one bridge or two on specific guitars to make it work! Some bridges/saddles would work on a guitar and wouldn’t on another one (and we’re talking about SGs most of the time).

          Guitars are artisan items. Made mostly by hand. Each one of them is different 😆

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        Posted at 22:47h, 18 June

        Yeah despite other elements which create good tone such as wood, age, amplifiers, and the SVD…. I still am a firm believer that pickups are the heart of the instrument. If you could get in contact with David and see what his specs are for his most popular PUs that would be great! 🙂 Also I definitely hear the P51s sound great. Personally i’m looking for Alnico 5, low gause, slightly hot (but not too hot), balanced, and most importantly clear PU that will allow the SVD rip into it once I get my pedal verison.

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    Posted at 06:26h, 18 June

    I ordered my RnR Relics guitar last month and can’t wait for it to arrive – exactly copy of what you have there Fil. In fact, after speaking with you about it, I said to Billy “just send me what Fil has, I’m sure it’ll be great”

    🙂 🙂

    Enjoy your trip to Cali!

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    Posted at 14:42h, 17 June

    Everything totally fine but how can this be Relic with a Nashville Tonepros?
    Why didn’t he take a Callerham (best ever, if you ask me) or even a Tonepros AVR II if he wants to enhance it?

    • avatar
      Posted at 16:52h, 17 June

      Now this is a pretty good point. Have no idea. Might ask Billy personally. I’m sure there’s options, as I’m sure that he did everything for a reason (might be cost/function altogether). Want to ask or want me to?

      • avatar
        Posted at 17:19h, 17 June

        Would be more than interesting to me – if you have the chance, please ask him. I really tried a lot of bridges but this one would be the last for me to go. I think, it’s woeful enough that Gibson put them on VOS models or even a company like Hamer uses them. Surely it’s a better component than the standard Gibson models, since the TonePros are made of brass but what about the bushings? I redoweld mine with light quality mahogany and put a Callerham in instead – a world of difference!
        BTW, I’d appreciate if you could test the Callerham Steel-Tailpiece in one of your Vintage SG’s for comparison.
        If you go with an Alu-TP, you get a totally different sound than you get with a vibrola, but a steel TP fits perfectly for a SG in my opinion (material- and soundwise).
        I’d really like to hear what you think and I personally have no chance to check it on a real Vintage SG (although I use it on a Historic LP and a 2009 SG Standard).

        Best regards, Eric

        • avatar
          Posted at 07:55h, 18 June

          It means ‘Callaham’ of course…
          I must admit, that’s a bit embarrassing…yeah, these germans 🙂

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          Posted at 14:03h, 18 June

          Pleasure Eric, and since I am typically jet lagged – as usual, it always gets me 😆 – in this wonderful 5:00 AM in San Diego, CA, let me post to you what Billy answered to your question.

          Hey Fil,

          Cool…. I think the opposite that the Tone Pros Nashville bridges enhance more tone over the AVR II – the AVR II is a good bridge and yes more vintage period correct but I just feel the Nashville gives a fuller sound and tone is what we are after. Callaham bridges are good too- I just prefer the Tone Pros Nashville- We can change this if people want it? Or on request… I know everyone has their preference with these things..

          When I met Angus’ tech he told me that he likes to change his saddles to the plastic saddles because they rub too rough on his hand too much?

          Rock ‘N Roll Relics
          Custom-Built Relic Guitars
          Made in San Francisco, CA USA

          COD: This is Billy’s own writing – just pasted into here. Pretty humble, laid back open minded guy. Just like we like ’em!

          • avatar
            Posted at 18:41h, 18 June

            Very interesting…thanks for asking, Fil.
            So the name ‘Rock ‘N Roll Relics’ for me implies the demand of making a good instrument by maintaining the original specs as much as possible – but that may be a wrong association. Anyway, it’s fine if it’s changeable…

            • avatar
              Posted at 18:48h, 18 June

              Pleasure Eric.
              Eric, these are NOT Replicas. These are not 1:1, identical ones. These are Billy’s fine interpretations of classic guitars. Headstock is even different if you noticed. Also other parts may differ slightly form the originals. While I am usually careful about this, with these specific instruments from Billy I couldn’t care less, because they feel like they have their own thing going. They’re not soul-less instruments, they have something going. So I don’t miss by the smallest bit the identical SG Standard neck joint, or the headstock, or other minor details. What I did want for sure was the body carvings – those I wanted them, and I wanted them badly (and I got them! – they’re not in the current Gibson fashion with SGs to do them shallow and horrible – they’re finely carved). So one really shouldn’t expect to get a REPLICA of a Gibson SG in the sense of identical in every respect. These are not. Which probably, makes me love’ em even a little bit more? You know where to find me when you need me,
              Fil 🙂

              • avatar
                Posted at 19:23h, 18 June

                I completely understand what you mean. For sure it’s much more worth having an instrument with soul that fits as a whole than having one accurately vintage specced as the primary demand. But what the carvings are to you, that’s the nashville bushings to me. Too much metal and between the wood and the strings if you ask me ( I know, you didn’t 😉 )
                Therefore I would’nt even consider using this bridge. The impression of a fuller sound can surely be caused by the Nashville’s higher mass and stability similary like if you use Grovers instead of Klusons. BTW, I use TonePros Klusons on my Gibsons and they’re a nice complement for the Callaham steel TP.
                Best regards, E. 🙂

        • avatar
          Posted at 18:32h, 18 June

          PS Eric, been willing to try one of those Callaham bridges for a while: will do for sure!

          • avatar
            Posted at 18:46h, 18 June

            Cool, but please note that they also did a cold rolled steel Tailpiece – what do you use when you’re using Tailpieces on your SG’s? Alu or the zinc die cast ones?

            • avatar
              Posted at 18:50h, 18 June

              Have NO idea! 😆 No idea whatsoever of the material used in mine; will have to check

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    Posted at 09:24h, 17 June

    Amazing !
    Thanks one more time for the settings 🙂

    Fil if I had to ask you to compare your Angus Young SG ( Aged and Signed ) to this one, what would be your answer ?

    • avatar
      Posted at 12:37h, 17 June

      RnR Hands down.
      I paid I think 9 THOUSANDs euro for the Gibson PIECE of CRAP ( 😆 ) and if you noticed, I don’t touch it. Super thin – unnatural – neck (probably really like Angus wanted it, but he’s what – 155 cm tall? ), ugly pickup at the bridge (excess of mids).
      RNR Relics costs less than 1/3rd of that, playable out of the box, relic’d MORE credibly (!).

      Want me to continue?

      • avatar
        Posted at 20:06h, 17 June

        nah, I’m good 😆

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    Posted at 00:53h, 17 June

    Fil, ever tried a custom shop VOS les paul? like the newer ones? 2012?

    • avatar
      Posted at 00:59h, 17 June

      I have had many, and currently have two 🙂

      • avatar
        Posted at 01:15h, 17 June

        I recently got to try a ’58 reissue vos from this year and was blown away, they are soo expensive but I would buy one lol. I also had no idea the amount of difference the 50s wiring would make in the sound. I own a 2012 Gibson lp traditional and will for sure convert to 50s wiring without a doubt!

        • avatar
          Posted at 18:40h, 18 June

          Some are excellent and some are not. It’s the same surprising thing with each and every one of them out there, new or old. With the older guitar there’s the hope that it having been played much, it has smoothed out in several spots, and the woods have too. For a LP, I can’t go without 50s wiring!

          • avatar
            Posted at 18:47h, 18 June

            Thanks for the reply Fil! Thats why i was so blown away but this custom shop LP, it really felt like a guitar that had been played, broken in. It could have also been the fact that i’m only 20 and its the most expensive guitar I’ve gotten to play thus far so my mind could just be playing tricks lol xD

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