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12 Feb More Modern Classic Playing (Audio Only, LONG file)

So, fever’s gone.

I’m still down here in Dubai, will stay some more here until the snowing and freezing cold in home Rome, IT, ceases.

Prior to leaving, I had recorded a few files to study the sound of both the Modern and Classic Wizards. These were not supposed to be posted, but I thought you may be interested.

It is somehow boring, these are mere exercises of mine to warm up, be flowing etc.

This is the Modern Classic with a Les Paul, a newer one, one that I really love.

Settings on the amp are my usual settings, presence 0, Bass 5, mids 3-4, treble 5, gain 6 and master 8.

There is some post processing done to this, might get annoying in the end – sorry – but I wanted to play with this. It’s a stereo delay.

Wizard Modern Classic Les Paul


The second file is played with a 1969 SG, way below standard tuning. At some point, my 1965/1958 Les Paul Conversion “The Husk” gets in. Same settings, different guitars, to let you understand how the playing and different guitars act to the amp.

Wizard Modern Classic 1969 SG and The Husk


Edit please note: both takes were played with my beloved Schaffer-Vega Diversity.



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03 Feb Introducing the “Wizard Modern Classic 100W” with Black Robot’s “Cocaine” Cover

Update note: We just received a kind email of Mr. Rick St. Pierre (Wizard founder, owner and maker) who has informed us that AC/DC started using Wizard amplifiers exactly during the 1990 Razor Edge tour. 

I think it doesn’t get more accurate than this, since he is the man who provided, serviced and maintained the amps for AC/DC!



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