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05 Nov Current State Of The Schaffer Replica Development – Gold Tag Version – Part II

Dear members,

here’s the second update on as we told in the previous Replica news post, we’re currently working on plexiglass prototypes. Number one is assembled and working now, the other two will follow on Wednesday. And on Thursday Franz will enter the plane to Rome to bring two of them to Fil, for video and audio recordings.

Just keep in mind that these are still prototypes and “intermediate” versions, in its development state between the very first prototype you heard in this posting and the final version we will build for you.

The final version will have one more knob at the front which will allow you to mute the signal for playing pauses without turning the whole unit off.

Since the Replica is built after the original SVDS, it’s operated similar. The left tuner adjusts the SVDS Transmitter input sensitivity, which is basically a boost/compression tuner, the right tuner adjusts the front “Monitor” output volume of the SVDS, basically another boost.

Guitar input is at the front, signal output and footswitch connectors are at the rear, together with the On/Off switch which includes the fuse and a mains power noise filter. The “Boost” LED shows the state of the true bypass: “Boost” on means Replica engaged, “Boost off” means guitar signal is passed through the unit. The bypass itself is done with a relay and super silent.

Enjoy some photos:

Plexi-Replica and SVDS


Plexi Replica and SVDS 2


Plexi Replica and SVDS 3

The Replica preorder informations can be found here:The SVDS Replica Preordering opened!

We’re excited to try them out together in a few days.

Your SoloDallas Team

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