The Schaffer Replica Tag

22 Oct AC/DC’s “Shot Down In Flames”, The Schaffer Replica™ Series (SoloDallas cover)

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Details details… God is in the details, they say.

Before you proceed in reading this one, I ask that you read my previous one. The album “Highway To Hell” has naturally many things in common song for song first and foremost being, naturally, the way the guitars were recorded. So please make sure you read here “Walk All Over You” before continuing the short remainder below.

Having worked for so long on the previous “Walk All Over You”, has given me quite an insight on the whole album. You go back and forth listening to one song hundred of times, in mono, stereo, left channel, right channel. Everything can count to get it right when you are looking for hints (for your sound to match). (more…)

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04 Oct Breaking News: LAST TSR™ Prototype Batch (for CE Validation) Arrived. Pre-Production Ended. Final Production Stage Entered.

I wanted to be the one to let you all know about this: I just got these pics from Franz minutes ago, fresh from Vienna (where I’m flying tomorrow morning for this). We have them. Final, definitive prototypes of both the Gold Tag Edition and the Pedal Version, minus the labeling (i.e., the graphics) are done. Metal case looks beautiful. VU Meter lights up. Love this stuff.

To you.

Thanks for waiting this long with me.



Gold Tag & Pedal (Click To Enlarge)

Gold Tag & Pedal
(Click To Enlarge)

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04 Oct Test Driving A Schaffer Replica® Pedal & A Rock N Roll Relics Angus Model: AC/DC’s “You Shook Me All Night Long”

Here to you, the second part (out of… X) of our “Studio Day” in Los Angeles, CA last August, following up on our first Test Driving A Schaffer Replica™ Pedal & A Rock N Roll Relics Angus Model: AC/DC’s “Sin City” where Billy Rowe of RockNrollRelics.net and myself “test drove” our respective pieces of equipment (his “Angus” model SG Standard modeled after a late ’60s Gibson SG Standard with some specific requirements by me, first and foremost being, my requirement for playability and ease of set up whereas often vintage Gibson SGs really demand a lot of work for a number of reasons). The Studio was Gilby Clarke‘s own home studio (beautiful!) in Los Angeles. I can not quite describe the feeling of being there while looking at some gold albums affixed on the walls… felt pretty weird. Gilby was terrific with us. Completely down to earth, colloquial (i.e., liked to speak to us), just a common “rock n roll guy” like us. Since he’s been friends with Billy for a long time (probably since the teenager years) this surely helped. (more…)

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30 Sep “Back In Black In The Living Room” (With AC/DC Italy’s Fan Club Founder)

It was several years ago (5 probably) that Gabriele and I met “online”, both passionate about AC/DC as we have always been since an early age.

And it had been years that we wanted to do some jamming together, so he took the chance and came to Rome – he’s from Milan – and stayed a couple days at my place. In probably 1 hour we had setup my living room (it’s a beautiful, long and bright room with wooden floors) with a couple of Wizards, older Marshall cabinets (his has G12H30s, mine cross G12-65s & G12Ms, all from the 1970s) and two Audio Technica AT4047s connected to my Mac Book laptop, recording with Audacity. We improvised probably 5 or 6 AC/DC tunes among the many (I believe almost all) that we know, but we only used the backing tracks on a couple of songs and one is the one you see here (second one to be published next week).


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26 Jan Current State Of The Schaffer Replica Development – Gold Tag Version – Part IV

Dear members,

Just a small update on our progress on the TSR Replica build/production:

Pedal version

  • The work on the TSR pedal version started, all layouts and schematics were done.
  • Parts and PCBs for three TSR pedal prototypes are ordered.
  • We expect the first three TSR pedal prototypes to be ready for testing at mid February.
  • Of course Fil will demo the TSR pedal prototypes.
  • One of the TSR pedal prototypes will go to the case builder as manufacturing sample.
  • The pedal will be housed in a standard 100mm x 100mmm black Aluminium cast pedal case.

Gold Tag version

  • We mentioned a problem with the Gold Tag TSR which is solved now: the case is a bit too small to put the PCB at the bottom, so we had to rearrange it to the left side and change a few things.
  • Also here we ordered a few prototype PCBs and parts to build a fully functional pre-production prototype.
  • This pre-production prototype will also be ready by mid February and will also go to the case builder company as manufacturing sample.

We will update you with a few photos as soon as possible.

Update as per 29th January 2013: First photos of the Gold Tag case available, please see below. No marking yet. We will update you with more photos during the progress. Have fun!

Your SoloDallas Team



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23 Nov Current State Of The Schaffer Replica Development – Gold Tag Version – Part III

Dear members,

While we are still preparing the production of the Gold Tag version, we already ordered the first parts. And today we got the first delievery. The tuner knobs. Very hard to find, took us almost a week of searching the net, Because, you know, we want the original ones. And we got them. Thousand of them (yes, literally) came in today. Will be used for the pedal version too.


Knobs delievery 1


Knobs delievery 2


Knobs delievery 3


We will keep you updated.

Your SoloDallas Team

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