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06 Mar A member, an impression, and a demo

Hello, fellow SoloDallas.com Members!


headwhop26 here– making a post on SoloDallas.com for the first time.


I received my Schaffer Replica about a week ago. I raced home from band practice when my older brother picture messaged me a yellow box from Vienna, Austria; this box had been well-traveled. I ran out, bought a European power supply and plugged it right in. Now that I’ve had a chance to tinker with it for a short while, I thought I would post some videos: first my impressions, then some playing.


I first wanted to shoot videos for variation. Most of the videos posted so far have players with Marshall/British-style amplifiers. I use a Fender amp and a rather obscure guitar compared to most Gibsons. I thought I could showcase what TSR can do with an amp that is not geared toward the hard rock mode of playing.


Soon I would love to enlist a few friends and shoot proper videos. Keep in mind that there is nothing “proper” about these videos— not the proper mics, just an iPod camera, marginal recording space, makeshift camera setup. So bear with me on my tacky setup, I just wanted to get something out there first. Im not up to the quality of our fearless leader, Fil :)


Gear used:

Fender Blues Deluxe 1×12, 40 watts, Jensen Speaker

Gretsch G6117HT with TV Jones Hi-Lo-Tron pickups

Grestch Electromatic G5248T with TV Jones Classic Plus

Ramble FX Un-professional Mk II Twin Bender Fuzz pedal

Fender PT-100 Pedal Tuner

Digitech Bad Monkey Tube Overdrive

Xotic FX BB Preamp Overdrive


TSR, First Impressions (if I seem tired in this first video, its because I am!)



Playing around with my Schaffer Replica



A set images of what I am using. With this rig I do everything from blues jams and traditional stuff like the Jimmy Reed shuffles I played in the video, to punk rock n roll with my band. Click them to make them larger.








IMG_0067  IMG_0066

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23 Jan SoloDallas AT NAMM: Blogging it.

Dear friends,

as some of you know, this year we are participating to the Namm show, in Anaheim, California, willing to introduce the Schaffer Replica® to the (rest of the) world (that doesn’t know it yet). Today it was preparation day for the exhibitors (us included), and it has been packed of great feeling and emotions for everyone involved.

For me it actually started last night, when I got to meet Mr. Schaffer in person.  Mr. Schaffer had to literally, jump on an airplane to get to Anaheim from New York. In fact, his previous tickets (that he had reserved way in advance)  were suddendly cancelled for a snow storm that is forecast to be incoming in the north-eastern part of the USA right during NAMM, and right where Mr. Schaffer is based (NYC). So he called me hectically but I was already asleep in the city of Angels (Los Angeles). So Mr. Schaffer decided on his own (he his a very brilliant person you know) and just jumped on the first plane to Los Angeles. Crazy! But got there safely.

Mr. Ken Schaffer, a Schaffer Replica® and SoloDallas. All three smiling.

Mr. Ken Schaffer, a Schaffer Replica® and SoloDallas. All three smiling.

After napping a little bit at his hotel in Anaheim, CA, we got to meet. My wife (who also came along to Anaheim to support me) had chosen a Japanese Restaurant for the “meet and greet” event between Mr. Schaffer and myself (first time in my life that I got to see him, after two long and exciting years of discoveries, planning and work) but the wife naturally fell asleep (horribly jet lagged) 5 minutes before we were supposed to be out of the door to go to the restaurant –  so I went alone. Mr. Schaffer was instead accompanied by a beautiful actress friend of his (great taste in friends, Mr. Schaffer!). Naturally he got lost on the way and appeared about one hour later. But I waited chatting with Canadian friend and solodallas.com member Kris, who entertained me with his tone findings with his Schaffer Replica, supplying videos and pics to keep me busy. So it was good waiting. When I finally got to see Mr. Schaffer in front of me, it was a great feeling. There is some kind of – unexpected? – resemblance between us, which added some pleasant laughs to the night. We talked about many things, and Mr. Schaffer was as kind, warm and funny as ever (he’s a funny guy!). It was a blast for me. I kept repeating to him how pleased I was to see him in person. And I have kept telling him today at Namm, when he walked into the exhibition building to come and meet the booth gang.

I was in fact lucky enough to be able to share a Namm booth, invited by Billy Rowe of rocknrollrelics.net . Our booth is number 3395, and we set it up together today (wed the 22nd of Jan 2014), since Namm will be officially opening its doors tomorrow,  to thousands of people. The people that matter in the music business.



Part of the 3395 booth (left side). It includes products from Rock N Roll Relics, David Allen Pickups, David Friedman amps, Knagg guitars and our Schaffer Replica. Shown here, the great Metro-Friedman 1959 Super Lead clone of Eddy Van Halen (I own one of these!)


I really love the way that the booth has come out. You can check our big logo, that was welcomed among the others in a very, very friendly way by hosts Billy Rowe, David Allen and David Friedman. I particularly enjoyed meeting Mr. David Allen of David Allen pickups, as well as

Great (funny, "alive") David Allen. When he says "bringing tone to life", he MEANS it.

Great (funny, “alive”) David Allen. When he says “bringing tone to life”, he MEANS it.

getting to hug again my friend Billy Rowe. Shaking hands (and getting to play his amps) with David Friedman was also a blast. You can see that they setup my own little corner, with the Schaffer Replicas over a super cool Metro Friedman 1959 type circuit amp. I love that amp! Got to play some with it plugging one of our Replicas and it rocked. I was able to play one of Billy’s latest SG models, pictured to the left. The silver one.

That one will be my guitar here at Namm (I’m a lucky guy!). The guitar sports Mr. David Allen’s latest POWERAGE pickups, a great interpretation of Gibson T-tops of the 1970s and I have to tell you, I am getting a set of these immediately. These are the ones I never got

A Schaffer Replica and its POWERAGE T-top Replica friends. You know, great Replicas get easily friendly with each other.

A Schaffer Replica and its POWERAGE T-top Replica friends. You know, great Replicas get easily friendly with each other.

to try because David had no time to build a last set for me. Incidentally, as it often happens, they are my favourite set of T-tops and one that you all will get to hear a lot as soon as I am back from NAMM.

I got to plug into that great amp, attenuated by Friedman’s own “STFU” unit (name is pretty much self explanatory). I got to play with it a bit and it would seem like a great little piece of kit. Really silent, bringing that beast of a 100 watt amp to my usual bedroom rocker type sound levels. Good for me (and good for NAMM: we are not allowed to play loud!).

FRIEDMAN's great 1959 type circuit amp, with Friedman proprietary attenuator the "STFU" (HOW cool is that???)

FRIEDMAN’s great 1959 type circuit amp, with Friedman proprietary attenuator the “STFU” (HOW cool is that???)


The Schaffer Replica behaved wonderfully, with pretty much the approval of everyone at the booth. I kept on pushing the pedal on and off, going from Angus Young of AC/DC mode to standard rock mode. I have seen quite a few heads nodding while I was playing, and I frankly enjoyed that very, very much. It was a great start it being preparation/set up day, I just couldn’t have desired anything better than this.


We will be continuously updating this page to try and blog the NAMM event and our booth 3395 adventures. Please stay tuned. I hope to be able to entertain you a bit!


Always yours,


Fil :)

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10 Jan First thoughts and impressions on my TSR GT #018 ( Update with advice and a Strat + 1st audio file )


Hello fellow SD members !

I am the lucky first who got to play his unit on this day, 10th of January 2014. I didn’t sleep much to be honest… Excitement all over my body; woke up at 7:30 ready to receive it 😆 . It arrived precisely at 10:39 am ( I’ve never opened a front door so quickly ), but I couldn’t play it until 11:45 ( had to help a friend of mine with university stuff, if you wonder,a girl… yeah girls right ? 😆 )

Franz kindly asked me if I was willing to make a review of my TSR, and the least I could say was ” Yes, of course “. After all Franz has done for us lately regarding the TSR project I had to say yes, and it’s an honor for me to do this :) ! (more…)

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05 Jan AC/DC’s “For Those About To Rock (Album Compilation of Covers)”, The Schaffer Replica™ Series (SoloDallas covers)

I am going to try and compile here – this time – the covers that refer to For Those About To Rock.

Just for ease of access really, and to try and keep what I write in a sole place so that you don’t have to go picking up stuff around in bits and pieces.

NOT that I think what I have to say is SO important after all. So the big chunk I am going to say it right after the first three covers. Enjoy.


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03 Jan Preparing delivery of the first 25 Schaffer Replica units

Dear Members,

Franz picked up the first 25 built units from the shop today. Now we’ll prepare the delivery. Means: getting packaing material, price quotes for delivery to different countries, writing and printing invoices, attaching the “Gold Tag” brass plates, shooting a photo of each single unit for each buyer, doing a short sound test (functional tests and burn in has been already done at the shop) and writing the delivery notification emails. They will be sent out at about tomorrow, Saturday, 4th January, somewhen in the afternoon/evening.

To mention the procedure again: Every buyer will get a “ready for delivery” notification email with a photo of his unit and we’ll ask for the final part of the payment. After the final payment came in, we’ll immediately send the unit. Insured to the full amount and with tracking. Tracking number will be sent via mail, of course.

And as usual, I’ll end the post with a few photos. The unit you see there, is #001, brass plate not yet attached. Higher quality photos will follow later. Enjoy!






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