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08 Sep Analog Tape Recording Basics

No, I haven’t gone “crazy”. I used to have a real, analog (real tape) Studer A800, but it was hard (difficult) to use.

Today, we have (and we’ll keep on having in the future) the option of the “emulations”. One emulation I am really using extensively right now is the Studer A800 tape recording.

It’s provided in fact by Universal Audio, and it is the one I know that several professionals are also using currently. I use it for everything AC/DC related, since AC/DC recorded onto tape at least until the mid 1990s (definitely so on every early record, including Back in Black). It really adds something special, as a finishing touch.

You can see here what I used (and use regularly) recently to simulate the several aspects of a recording studio. Most of the plugins I use are from Universal Audio UAD 2

I am copying and pasting this directly from Universal Audio: (more…)

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