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03 Jan Preparing delivery of the first 25 Schaffer Replica units

Dear Members,

Franz picked up the first 25 built units from the shop today. Now we’ll prepare the delivery. Means: getting packaing material, price quotes for delivery to different countries, writing and printing invoices, attaching the “Gold Tag” brass plates, shooting a photo of each single unit for each buyer, doing a short sound test (functional tests and burn in has been already done at the shop) and writing the delivery notification emails. They will be sent out at about tomorrow, Saturday, 4th January, somewhen in the afternoon/evening.

To mention the procedure again: Every buyer will get a “ready for delivery” notification email with a photo of his unit and we’ll ask for the final part of the payment. After the final payment came in, we’ll immediately send the unit. Insured to the full amount and with tracking. Tracking number will be sent via mail, of course.

And as usual, I’ll end the post with a few photos. The unit you see there, is #001, brass plate not yet attached. Higher quality photos will follow later. Enjoy!






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