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31 May AC/DC’s “Down Payment Blues” (Powerage, Studio)

While we already knew that the Schaffer-Vega Diversity System had been used on Powerage (first studio album where it got used, actually), speaking with Angus the other day (yeah, right) gave me additional gas to go and play Powerage stuff. Here to you. First Powerage Video of the Schaffer Replica series, and also a song I had never covered on video previously. Great song, naturally (like most of this era if you ask me).  Better get it right, right?

Just as a reminder of my theory (that finds recount on the “AC/DC in the Studio” book), this album was entirely played – by Angus (more…)

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10 Jan First thoughts and impressions on my TSR GT #018 ( Update with advice and a Strat + 1st audio file )


Hello fellow SD members !

I am the lucky first who got to play his unit on this day, 10th of January 2014. I didn’t sleep much to be honest… Excitement all over my body; woke up at 7:30 ready to receive it 😆 . It arrived precisely at 10:39 am ( I’ve never opened a front door so quickly ), but I couldn’t play it until 11:45 ( had to help a friend of mine with university stuff, if you wonder,a girl… yeah girls right ? 😆 )

Franz kindly asked me if I was willing to make a review of my TSR, and the least I could say was ” Yes, of course “. After all Franz has done for us lately regarding the TSR project I had to say yes, and it’s an honor for me to do this 🙂 ! (more…)

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31 Oct AC/DC’s “Walk All Over You”, The Schaffer Replica™ Series (A SoloDallas’ Cover) NOW WITH EQ Settings and RECORDING Details.

One of the first things that I want to let you know is that our videos won’t be blocked in any country from now on (unless they lock me up for copyright infringement, that is, which sooner or later they will and then some of you who have direct access to Mal or Ang will have to vouch for me). Our videos are now on our own server. Should be visible from any media player too, including the pads, peds, pods etc. (more…)

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13 Jul Ken Schaffer’s First Post: Hello, SoloDallas.com!

Gentlemen of the Quest,


This may be redundant – or ironic – but allow me to introduce myself.  Hi, I’m Ken Schaffer. This is my first post to SoloDallas. I designed and built the SVDS in 1976, had a ball introducing just about every band to it… and, 5 years later, disappeared from rock to develop other kinds of technologies. I stepped away from SVDS in about 1981 and went on into other hot pursuits such as satellite earth stations, Soviet-American breakthroughs and more unconnected tasks.


So maybe you can imagine my surprise when after 30 years I got some timid letter from one Filippo Olivieri… (more…)

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05 Mar The “Raiders” strike again! SVDS tone on a Mini Marshall MS-2

And another SVDS test recording. Probably with the smallest possible amp to test with: A one watt battery driven Marshall MS-2: marshall ONE watt mp3

Recorded nonetheless with our usual high standards:

Now, even such a small amp can have a lot of balls when pushed with a SVDS, right? And the replica will do the same great job!


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05 Mar More news from the “Raiders”: The Schaffer-Vega Diversity and Guitar Rig!

Okay, we heard the SVDS numerous times through big, powerful tube amps.

And here we hear it through a small combo.

So what about something that many members of solodallas.com use: Guitar Rig?

Does the SVDS work together with Guitar Rig? YES, it does! And so will do our replica!

Feel free to listen yourself to the SVDS over Guitar rig, freshly from our test lab. Actually Fil sent this recordings to me for listening, but I like them so much that I made a new posting out of it.

Played with a 1970 SG standard: Guitar RIG SVDS

And another one, something bluesy. Again recorded with Guitar Rig, this time a 1969 SG custom with brand new Angus Young signature pickup in her: svds 69 custom guitar rig

Both recordings right out of Guitar Rig, no additional EQ or other modifications. Just a guitar, the SVDS and Guitar Rig. And FIl 🙂


Guitar Rig settings (boldly asked Fil for settings screenshot :-P)


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