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18 Sep The Metro Session: Marshall 1987XL Bray-Modded and “The Husk”

Intermission: Marshall playing now.

More on this guitar: “The Husk

Note: should anyone being interested in why during playing I’ll go the amp and change a setting, reason was, I had left presence to 10. I put it back to 0 and reverted playing. Later on, I’ll go back to the amp and re-set presence at 10 for woman tone.

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16 Sep The Metro Session: 2007 R8 Gibson Les Paul Standard “Chambered”

So much for vintage LPs! Chambered Les Pauls sound pretty good in my humble. This one here has nothing special, I just purchased it randomly.

I changed both pickups to TimBuckers though, and did ’50s wiring. Bridge is TonePros.

This is also the guitar that I used with Jaiminho Pagina collaboration here.

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