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05 Mar More news from the “Raiders”: The Schaffer-Vega Diversity and Guitar Rig!

Okay, we heard the SVDS numerous times through big, powerful tube amps.

And here we hear it through a small combo.

So what about something that many members of solodallas.com use: Guitar Rig?

Does the SVDS work together with Guitar Rig? YES, it does! And so will do our replica!

Feel free to listen yourself to the SVDS over Guitar rig, freshly from our test lab. Actually Fil sent this recordings to me for listening, but I like them so much that I made a new posting out of it.

Played with a 1970 SG standard: Guitar RIG SVDS

And another one, something bluesy. Again recorded with Guitar Rig, this time a 1969 SG custom with brand new Angus Young signature pickup in her: svds 69 custom guitar rig

Both recordings right out of Guitar Rig, no additional EQ or other modifications. Just a guitar, the SVDS and Guitar Rig. And FIl 🙂


Guitar Rig settings (boldly asked Fil for settings screenshot :-P)


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