Shoot To Thrill Cover

16 Mar Shoot To Thrill Cover


Justin Ainsworth

I started playing guitar back in '08 and never slowed down since. My name's Justin and I'm 14. The only genre of music i play is classic rock. I'm trying to contribute to that Back in Black tone that we all love. When I'm not on here I'm either at home recording or riding my horses.

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    Posted at 03:30h, 16 March

    It’s coming along pretty good man!
    What are you playing through again?

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      Posted at 03:46h, 16 March

      So when i said i was running MV the other day i actually play one amp through the Class 5. i played a fender frontman 25r and ran the headphones out to the class 5 to get a more 2203/2204 sound. thats what the MV sound is but these are just the Class 5 and the Bad Monkey. But as i said the hells bells sound i have is by far the best and its uploading as we speak.

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        Posted at 03:52h, 16 March

        Ok, I’ll watch for it.

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          Posted at 04:00h, 16 March

          well on youtube i mean but it takes so long to upload

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