Rock and Roll Singer by Hyce777 (Feedback Wanted!)

05 Jan Rock and Roll Singer by Hyce777 (Feedback Wanted!)


Mark Huber

I'm 16 and from Seattle, Washington. I love playing guitar, drums, and bass. I've been playing drums for about 6 years, guitar and bass for a bit over one year. I'd love to get some criticism on my playing!

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    Posted at 18:52h, 15 January

    Tasty playing pretty hot tone to =) Perhaps more open chords in the verse?

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      Posted at 19:53h, 17 January

      I always thought they were up higher on the neck. Fil played them lower… I’m not sure myself.

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    Posted at 17:40h, 05 January

    Hyce, there’s some nice improvisation there, my first reaction/feedback is, with the two solos mixed up together, one interferes with the other – it’d be great if there was a backing track without solo for this one, but I never found one.
    By the way, great energy!

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      Posted at 05:02h, 06 January

      Thanks mate. I know. I did three takes on this, the first two wearing headphones so you couldn’t hear the song as loud, and the third take (this one) without headphones, just playing it how I like to. This one won in terms of being the “best”- at least I think so. Thanks for watching!

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