Questions about this performance

02 Apr Questions about this performance


Marcus Söderström

Im a 20 year old dude from Sweden who likes rock n roll. AC/DC is the favourit band.

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    Posted at 00:43h, 03 April

    Yes, original recording with a changed pitch…I suspect when it was taken from VHS (or similar) to digital, it was sped up…

    Angus is just brilliant, sped up or slowed down 😀

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    Posted at 23:52h, 02 April

    Yeah I knew it wasn’t a consert. But alright, thank you for information.
    I wonder if they made it higher pitched on purpose? I think it sounds better than on the record anyway.

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    Posted at 23:38h, 02 April

    oh yeah I forgot to mention… Yes! Angus can play like this while running around… DA MAN!lol

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    Posted at 23:35h, 02 April

    it probably wasn’t supposed to be that high a pitch originally it’s probably just because it’s such an old video

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    Posted at 22:23h, 02 April

    Hi, I got some questions on this performance.
    Is this performance totally live? What tuning is it?
    I wonder cause it sounds so fabulous that I barely can’t believe it. It sounds alot heavier than on the BiB album. And Angus solo is so fucking perfect it’s sick. Was he really capable to play like this when running around? Basicly, how the hell can they sound this good if this is live?

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      Posted at 23:12h, 02 April

      It is a promotion-video…
      Look.. their is no audience in this place 😉
      They used the original recording but with a much higher pitch.
      I think AC/DC “played” all Bib-Songs in this location…

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