Playing Angus Young’s guitar in Sydney AU.

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    Posted at 10:33h, 13 November

    Wizard Amps…….sooooo fantastic !!!!
    But cost a lot of money…..
    I must say, i have my own believing about Wizard Amps. I believe they have something like the Schaffer Vega Sound already on board togheter with a huge punch trannie. Mercury Magnetics will not build you the same trannie, because i asked them and they said NO, so it has to be a very special custom made trannie only for Wizards ! Angus doesn`t use the Schaffer Vega anymore, but still has a big fat sound, ok, a different sound nowadays, but still big, fat !!! So, how does he get this sound without the Schaffer Vega ?? I believe the Wizard Amps got everything what Angus needs…As i saw and heard this clip for the first time, i thought by myself, damn….this is the Highway To Hell-sound, very original HTH-sound and without the Schaffer Vega…..interesting and amazing !

    Any other thoughts to this ??

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      Posted at 11:35h, 13 November

      Well, that specific HTH sound isn’t really made of the SVDS. It’s just 2203 + G12-65 and good micing technique ( I’m talking about rhythm, but that’s really the power of HTH).

      But because the guitars were recorded too dry they were fed trough studio monitors and again recorded ( Tony Platt’s words ).

      Wizard amps do sound great, but are more modern voiced. They have from what I see a diode clipping circuit. I bet a Silver Jubilee sounds VERY close to a Wizard vintage modern. It just can’t be compared to the early amps.

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    Posted at 06:31h, 13 November

    Scot Ian!

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