One Schaffer Replica™ & Eight Les Pauls

18 Nov One Schaffer Replica™ & Eight Les Pauls

I.e., “testing the TSR™ on Les Pauls as well”, basically.

Because – yes – it’s not that the SVDS was only used with Gibson SG Standards, naturally. It was used much with Les Pauls as well.

An example of it – where I even clearly recognise the SVDS sound – is in this Kiss’ live video:


Now, I didn’t even try (YET) to sound like them there (maybe I will), but still, I think knowing that the TSR™ (as its father the SVDS before) worked just great on Les Pauls (and mostly any other type of guitar and pickup) might be good for you to know, too.

Because it does. The characteristics of its analog circuitry just make it ideal for any guitar. Basses too! The SVDS was used on bass as well (and let’s not forget that Pink Floyd guitarist, David Gilmour, had been using a SVDS for years – that is going to be another great test with a Fender Stratocaster).

In these videos – Part One posted now – I tried most of my Les Pauls through the TSR™. Since my favourite amplifier is the 1959 Super Lead, I ran all of the Les Pauls though a Metro-Friedman 1959 Super Lead. Contrary to what I had assumed (and stated) before, I thought such amp was a dark sounding one only.

I was so wrong it’s ridiculous. I was running the amp as my usual, with the jack in the input I. However, those funny George Metropulous and David Friedman had inverted the inputs, making the I the darker sounding one, and the II the bright one. Took me one year to find out… 😆 oh well, better late than never.


The first three guitars you see here are respectively, a 2008 Gibson Les Paul Standard “Chambered” from the Custom Shop;

a 1968 Gibson Les Paul Standard that came in gold top and was converted to “1958 Burst” by the late and great Dick Knight, sporting real 1959, original PAFs and lastly, my favourite 1959 Gibson Les Paul Lentz Conversion, this being a 1953 converted into a 1959 Les Paul by Scott Lentz, featuring a couple of real 1959 Gibson PAFs as well.


Part Two:


Part Three:

Fil "SoloDallas" Olivieri

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    Posted at 20:46h, 20 November

    ” a 1968 Gibson SG Standard ”

    Been writing SG too often this last months 😛 ?

    Would love to hear the Metro-Friedman with SG and TSR ( like you did in the studio back when you demoed the TSR a few months ago )

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    Posted at 17:02h, 19 November

    Brilliant !! 😉

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    Posted at 05:02h, 19 November


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    Posted at 22:02h, 18 November

    Just saw that now ! Been busy all day with stuff for the kids…
    Gonna watch and read it carefully tomorrow !, but looks great ! and first minute of sound was a blast ! 13 more to go hehe 🙂

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