‘Nuff said.

24 May ‘Nuff said.

Well, not sure about “the biggest band in the world”, but the rest is definitely true. Bravo, Dave Grohl!


Franz Farklas

I'm born 1970, a big AC/DC fan since 1982, when I got the "Back in Black" cassette tape together with a little cassette player from my grandpa. Fully classic rock addicted, don't like "modern" music styles like HipHop. 2009 I got a Gibson SG standard ebony, learning to play AC/DC songs from tabs and videos since then. Beside that, I'm a totally computer addicted guy and Linux Server specialist. Working as internet server and network admin and part-time IT consultant. So, when I'm not behind my guitar, I'm behind the keyboard :-) Feel free to contact me at ICQ 71095781 or MSN banane@exception.at or skype ffarklas@exception.at.

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    Posted at 01:00h, 25 May

    So true. Dave Grohl is a living legend. Great musician with great attitude

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    Posted at 23:35h, 24 May

    so true i hate these TV shows that are just milking people for cash and think they own the world

    well known world wide band would be more fitting, can undersand Daves frustration so i gues he just thrown that one in with his rant 🙂

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    Posted at 23:11h, 24 May

    For me Nirvana is second best band in the world. First place is obvious 🙂

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      Posted at 23:24h, 24 May

      That’s totally fine. Wasn’t meant to offend any Nirvana fan. If your band is the greatest band in the world, I’m happy with it 🙂

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        Posted at 22:53h, 26 May

        as i wrote the first place is obvious. ac/dc !

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    Posted at 22:08h, 24 May

    Sure, they were, at that period of time of course, haha!

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