My 2005 Gibson SG CS VOS ( Blackie ) and 1976 Marshall 1959

28 Dec My 2005 Gibson SG CS VOS ( Blackie ) and 1976 Marshall 1959

Hello fellow SD Members,

I hope you don’t mind me sharing this with you. It’s been a while since something has been published, so I thought why not ? πŸ™‚

So here I am posting pieces of my gear:
1: 2005 Gibson SG VOS Guitar Center exclusive
2: 1976 Marshall Superlead 1959 with a hybrid design

Let’s start with the SG, which I called Blackie.

I acquired this one a bit over a year ago. She was initially cherry red, but since I wanted a black one just like Angus, I decided to refinish her.
She does look 1 to 1 like Angus’ SG on the 91 Donington Show. Stock Grover tuners, stock Trussrod cover with ‘ LesPaul ‘, stock knobs.


I changed the pickups though. I never liked Gibson pickups ( and probably never will πŸ˜† ). They’ve been replaced with what to me are probably the best Seymour Duncan pickups out there: Pearly Gates.
I am not a huge ZZ Top fan, and I didn’t even know that these where Billy Gibbons signature pickups, but the way the sound in that SG is just terrific !


Neck feels really great. It’s not as thin as a 60’s, but it’s round, really round, which makes it very comfortable to play. It is by far not as thick as a typical 50’s baseball bat. I’d say it is between a 59 and a 60’s neck.


Schaller security locks are fitted on as you can see. One of the first things I do ( besides changing pickups πŸ˜† ) when getting a new guitar: security locks !
Costs only a few bucks and may save you from a heart break, believe me, I know how it feels to get a broken headstock…


The guitar has been taken care of. No dings or dongs. Coming with a like new Ibanez leather ‘ Tree Of Life ‘ strap ( with the rest of the locks on it of course )

Here’s a recent video of me playing Blackie.
Note that it was recorded with a 50 bucks camera. Last solo is pure improvisation. I’m just way too lazy to learn note for note atm πŸ˜†

Sweet Candy

Let’s come to the Marshall:


As I said, it’s a 1976 Superlead, hybrid design, a design you don’t see everyday. I got this one a year ago, just before I got the TSR. I was gasing for one pretty badly, and it was the only around me, so I snagged it πŸ˜€ . First owner was the father from the seller I got it from, so you can say I’d be the second owner. It’s been completely taken over lately, new tubes, 2 small caps, 1 input and removed the PPIMV, which has been installed by the first owner ( that’s why there’s a hole in the back of the amp ).


Sounds as good as it smells when it’s running. The smell of a vintage Marshall is delicious. This sound is just fantastic, chunky and punchy, bright, cleans nicely down when you play with the volume of your guitar.


Tubes are as you can EL34 and ECC83 ( TAD’s ). They’ve been running for maybe 10 hours or less. I didn’t play it much since I got it back. Reason: I was mostly playing in small clubs and a few weeks later I got the Wizard… so yeah, you can understand why πŸ˜†



Let’s come to the interesting part of the post. I’m actually selling ( yes I am ) these babies !

For the SD community I’m willing to sell the SG for 2000 € ( excluding shipping ! ) Note that I advertised it on some forums for 2200 and that I considered european prices and markets. Shipping will be insured up to 3750 € and the costs are between 30 and 75€. Can’t tell you exactly how much since in depends on the country it will be heading to.Β Shipping receipt will be scanned and sent too if needed !

I’m willing to let the Marshall go for 1100€ ( excluding shipping ). Once again I considered the european market and, knowing this one has been fully set up and is now ready to be rocked, I think it’s more than a fair price. Shipping will be insured up to 2500€. Shipping costs for this one are between 30 and 135 €. I can’t tell exactly how much because it depends on the country. I’ll check that afterwards πŸ˜‰ Shipping receipt will be scanned and sent too if needed !

There are a few reason why I’m selling two beloved parts of my gear.
With the SG first: This is my best sounding SG, no doubt there, but I’m not emotionally attached to this one. I can’t sell my 94 Std because it was the first SG I entirely paid myself and it’s my year of birth, and I can’t sell my Angus Young VOS, present from my dad and well… it’s an Angus Young VOS πŸ˜†
Need to sell because I’m paying back the Wizard I got this year, so I gotta get rid of some stuff… Also I need/want to get a Strat with a floyd and humbucker, a new acoustic guitar and a few pedals.
Reason why I’m selling the 1959 is once again no emotional connection to this one. I have to keep my 2203 from 79, this was a present from my dad for my birthday last year and my first real Marshall, simply can’t sell that one. So the 1959’s gotta go, even though I know I’ll regret it ( Fil’s words, not mine πŸ˜† ).

So there you have it all πŸ™‚ . If you’re interested and got any questions feel free to comment on here or shoot me an email: depuis1899@gmail.com

Thanks for reading and a happy new year 2015 with everything you lovely folks could wish for ! πŸ™‚ I know what I want for 2015, and already got part of it πŸ˜‰



Chris Moiny

21, coming from Luxembourg, student, loving Rock & Roll

  • avatar
    Chris Moiny
    Posted at 21:25h, 15 January

    So… I’m keeping the Marshall…
    My dad bought it, he doesn’t want me to sell it, thinking I’m gonna regret it… so yeah, I’m keeping it πŸ˜›

    • avatar
      Posted at 23:04h, 15 January

      Im glad.. U made the right decision πŸ˜€

  • avatar
    Posted at 18:38h, 02 January

    Keep that Marshall. Not sure why you removed the PPIMV – did it not sound good?

    I hope you get a good price for your SG but its value will have been affected by the mods.

    • avatar
      Chris Moiny
      Posted at 21:10h, 02 January

      No, the PPIMV was really crap.
      I use it with the Ted Weber, real difference πŸ™‚

      I know that the mods will affect the price, that’s why it’s 300-500 bucks cheaper than any other CS SG on the EU market right now πŸ™‚

  • avatar
    Posted at 12:11h, 02 January

    don’t sell your 1959!!!!

    That is like cutting one of your own legs off πŸ˜›

    if i was in a position to buy it i would though πŸ™‚

    • avatar
      Chris Moiny
      Posted at 13:05h, 02 January

      I know Ant, Fil told me the same: Don’t sell the 1959, you’ll regret it someday !

      I was actually playing it lately, and wow… just wow…
      If I’ll sell the SG first I’ll probably keep it πŸ™‚

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