More Information On The Original Schaffer Vega Diversity System (Audio Update 2)

14 Jul More Information On The Original Schaffer Vega Diversity System (Audio Update 2)

Update: was thinking that in case you are wondering how this SVDS sounds like in “person”, this is more or less it. THAT raw, yes. Brace yourselves!


Update: What do you do for money, honey? (draft version)

Money Honey


(a tad too bright; brightness and bass is the only thing that I fix now; also on solos, should have added some more drive; amp was at 6)

Recorded with two microphones (easier to get great tone). Both at circa 4 inches away, one next to the other. The AT4047 pointing in the general direction of the left bottom speaker. The U67 in front of the bottom speaker, tilted to the cone paper (NOT the center).



Update: raw recording of “Shoot To Thrill”. Basically un-equalized. This is how it comes out folks. RAW!




Recording note: recorded with ONE single microphone – Vintage Neumann U67 – , circa 10 cm away (4 inches). Experimentation with two microphones will resort soon.

I just found out – not surprisingly – that I need almost no equalization when putting the microphone(s) away instead – like I used to – right on the grill cloth. Keep this in mind for your own recordings!


It’s been rather slow here lately, and I must apologize to you all.

However, I’ve been working behind the curtains like crazy.

Here’s some news to you.

The two working Schaffer Vega Diversity Units purchased directly from Mr. Schaffer by me have been brought almost entirely to “like new” condition (by hard worker Mr. Guido Borghesani), minus some fine tuning on the wireless inner-workings (one of the two has more wireless-hiss than the other, implying that some fine tuning will be necessary).

Exteriorly, as you can see, they look almost new, considering that these are more than 30 years old!

Both of them are exactly what Angus Young had back then, exteriorly and interiorly.

Not only Angus had this – keep this in mind! – these were used extensively for a number of years by a wide range of rock stars, including Kiss, Van Halen, Boston, David Gilmour of Pink Floyd and many others, both live and in the studio.

As for studio use, I proved here that Angus used the Schaffer Vega DIversity in the studio on Powerage, Highway to Hell and Back in Black (at the least; but the list will continue on likely for For Those About to Rock, Flick of the Switch etc.).

It is also proved that the front panel boost was used when having to boost the amp; on the original SVDS system, the rear output (XLR) comes out “unboosted”.  I think that Angus used both outputs for different results. 

Tone/sound wise, they are excellent and they are “IT”. I am not sure yet of the several differences in tone from the Cetec-Vegas, but at first feel there would seem to be differences. Internal components are also different, and vary not only between the Cetec Vegas and the Schaffer Vegas, but also among the several Schaffer Vegas I have (total of four).


The transmitters (X10) particularly show some sort of evolution among them. I have a total of 6 Schaffer Vega X10 transmitters, two of them matched, the rest unmatched. Please see the pictures to spot differences.

As of today, we’re in the process of starting to analyze the inner workings of all of this.

Now a little update on the replica: the look of the replica will be almost identical to the looks of the original Schaffer Vega: same black box of almost identical dimensions (smaller than the Cetec Vega), same VU meter (to read compression level), same knobs (with different function naturally to the Schaffer Vega!). NO wireless will be replicated. Too complicated and useless: the user will be able to add their Schaffer Vega replica to their wireless signal chain and obtain the same result, especially today with many wireless units being “transparent” (no compression, no boost, etc.). Line6 comes to mind, as well as Sennheiser etc. 


There will be the same exact boost circuit as on the original unit and the same compressor. Noise-free. 


Have no idea about the price but folks, after all these investments I did recently, it won’t be able to be cheap. Still, I think it will be a “must have” for any classic rock fan who wants to achieve the “tone” of the gods of rock as it was back then.


All for now. Please enjoy some pictures now.


With love and dedication yours,





Special thanks to Mr. Ken Schaffer, Guido Borghesani who is doing a load of terrific work, to my good friend Franz (Banane) and friend George (SGAce).


These units – the Original Schaffer Vegas – seem to be the rarest birds on earth. No one seems to have one. I feel proud and happy to have these now. These are a treasure to me 🙂

Fil "SoloDallas" Olivieri

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    Posted at 20:42h, 03 December

    hey i got a vega the other day( the r24a model with the t-77 transmitter) its set up for a mic and on the transmitter there is a small microphone where the guitar cable should be, do u know where i can get the guitar cable peice? what else do i need to get it functional for guitar? thanks, jared

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