Marshall JMP 100 MkII Master Lead & Vintage 1960A G12M Greenbacks Test(s)

06 Oct Marshall JMP 100 MkII Master Lead & Vintage 1960A G12M Greenbacks Test(s)

Update: ‘nother little test. Made mistakes in microphone levels, it’s distorting oh well. Samson C01 still… no pro mic arrived yet. If you listen, now you’ll understand why I’m buying and what my secrets projects involve (records? Backing tracks? Tutorials and performances with this stuff? Answer is… yes to all of the above 😛 )

UPDATE: a little thing, a little “vintage” sound test. Does it sound… “vintage AC/DC” to you, too? 😛

(done with the same settings, except for preamp at 6, another ’69 SG and microphone pulled away circa 1cm)

Okay, couldn’t wait. Please do not expect too much, this isn’t a great capture of it yet. But I could fix to use the Samson C01 microphone – a USD 100 (circa) microphone.

Here it is to you:

(need a quicktime plugin in your browser).

The first take is a ’69 SG, one you never heard yet. Then it’ll stop with a phone call you can barely hear in the background. Then I’m switching to a ’71 SG and will do a couple different microphone attempts.

Amplifier settings are presence 6, bass 8, mids 4, treble 6 and pre-amp (gain) 8. Master volume is very low, I think 3.

Now onto some pictures of this recording:

Overall view

[singlepic id=383 w=1024 h=768 float=]

MIcrophone placing: I chose bottom, as it should/could emulate a non slanted cab. Position can be changed for several effects (this cabinet resonates like an acoustic guitar)

[singlepic id=384 w=1024 h=768 float=]

View of the two guitars used here,the one on the right is the first one heard at the beginning of the clip, until the first pause; then comes in the second one.

Right: 1969 Gibson SG Standard; Left: 1971 Gibson SG Standard

[singlepic id=385 w=1024 h=768 float=]

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Fil "SoloDallas" Olivieri

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    Posted at 19:47h, 02 January

    Wow, Id do anything to have decent marshall. I have Mg15.
    But If I had o chose Id prefer to buy new guitar rather than amp. What do you think if i have only: Gain, Volume, Treble , MIddle , and Bass, And I WANT to get AC/DC tone (angus), how should i set them? I think it changes a bit in riffs and solos, but nevermind. Maybe settings on guitar should be changed? I dont know….

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      Posted at 20:06h, 02 January

      I have a MG 15 too, was my first amp. i don’t remember the settings and the amp itself is in the basement now. But as far as I remember, I used the clean channel most times. If gain was on, I used only very little gain. Also, the amp was very harsh, so I put the tone control and the volume at maybe 5 or 6.
      Sorry for being not a big help here, but I didnt played over it the last 2 months.

      • avatar
        Posted at 20:31h, 02 January

        Thanks for answer Franz, but …… dId you use to play all part (even solo) on clean. For me it sounds….. not good. I jus turn that button, it lights red, and everything apart volume is on 5, volume is from 9 -10 because something is wrong with my knob and it turns off when it’s lower……. 🙁

        • avatar
          Posted at 20:50h, 02 January

          By the way, do you know is it possible to order solodalllas T-shirts? I remember video on yt whete, it was said , that “solodallas T-shirts availavle”. I saw Kentish post here, too and he has already asked bout that, but no answer, silence….:) I’d like to go to school with that, however only 1 person from my school likes him, and maybe 20 people everyday hear me talking about him …. 😀
          And Franz, thanks for all your posts here, you are really helpful , when there’s no Filippo here 😀

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    Posted at 15:29h, 14 October

    This series of Marshalls was mainly different in it’s POWER stages, as Marshall did a couple of things to make the amps last longer when played loud, and also to add a bit of beef to the output section, distortion-wise.

    up until the MKII it was quite common for amps to blow-up with big black clouds of smoke if you played them for hours.

    I know, ’cause it happened to me too 🙂 heheheheh

    MKII amps have a slightly lower voltage on the power tubes, the tubes are not pushed as hard. The output transformer is slightly less beefy than say, a plexi, but it’s smoother-sounding.

    they also have a heat-sensor which shuts the amp off if it overheats!

    Furthermore, the presence control was modified to become more of a mid boost, and overall gain in the phase inverter (the last 12ax7 tube stage) was increased. so now you could turn-up the presence a bit more without it sounding screechy.

    these amps were famous in the 80’s for their smooth sound and they were also used by michael shenker etc.

    the way to tell them apart sound-wise is that the earlier amps really did sound like they were going to blow-up a bit (and often they did) like Kossof’s or Hendrix’s amps..

    the MKII’s are more controlled and refined-sounding, but not as bluesy for the same reasons..

    The advantage of the early heads is that the sound is more aggressive. The MKII’s are more compressed and smoother.

    sounds good eh? heheh

    • avatar
      Posted at 18:54h, 14 October

      Good to see you here again, you!!!

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