Lamb Of God – Omerta Cover

11 Jun Lamb Of God – Omerta Cover


Jase Manley

Hello im Jase, I live in the UK and i was born in 86' and i love anything to do with guitar. Iv been a big fan of ACDC since i first heard them when they played live in the VH1 studios in 96' what a great show! As soon as i watched that i started learning guitar. I started off with a cheap Honer acoustic which i had till i was about 15, thats when i kinda lost interest. I left school a fews years later and had been in the adult world for a few years and by now i was 19, so i decided i wanted to play again so i saved up 4 weeks wages and bought a Crafter acoustic. I always had dreams of a Gibson SG seeing as though Angus is my idle :-) It wasnt till last year that i was actually in the position to be able to afford one, i started off by buying a Gibson SG Standard and a Marshall MG100fx which i thought was terrible, i just couldnt get that tone i really wanted. I sold that in the end and started lookin on eBay regularly and came across a JCM2000 with a 1960a cab which i actually won for £360. Iv never been happier i think its a great amp. I will post videos eventually but i still have a lot of gear i still need. I also recently bought a Gibson AFD USA and i can honestly say it plays like a dream! Very high quality for a USA

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    Posted at 20:53h, 11 June

    Very cool. Incredibly tight, and good tone.

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    Posted at 20:02h, 11 June

    Obviously I know that you guys here aint really into this type of music but this guy, my mate Neil is awesome.. He’s gonna be doing some ACDC covers soon too.. Iv put this on my YouTube page cuz he aint got an account…. This song doesn’t really show off his talent but we did this quick earlier today. He’s a killer guitarist 🙂

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