just a short simple demo

09 Apr just a short simple demo


Henning Kerstein

Hi, my name is Henning and i`m living in Germany. My age now is 44 and i`m an ACDC fan since 1979, since i heard that crushing riffs of Highway To Hell. Since four years i play electric guitar and i bought myself a Gibson SG a couple of weeks ago. So i have to learn a lot of playing ACDC and to get that sound. To get this right ACDCsound is my biggest problem now, because i can`t use a 50W or 100W amp, they all are too loud for my home. The Marshallamps are often sound different, because of different parts, even different tubes and so on. But one day i will get it (-: Great that you start this site Phil !!! I`m very happy about that !!

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    Posted at 21:57h, 10 April

    Sounds very, very nice man :D. Though there’s a tad too much gain for me. Maybe that’s due to the camera mic. I feel that the sound lost some of its initial definition because of that. However, it must feel awesome to wield this tone in person :D.

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      Posted at 10:07h, 11 April

      I forgot to say that it should not be a studio sound demo. I tried to replicate the livesound and the livesound is always a little more gainy 😉
      And yeees, IT IS a big fun to play and to listen to this sound at the same time 😀
      I will make more videos in the future with different settings different sounds……;-)

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        Posted at 18:01h, 11 April

        Oh, now I can understand why it is driven so hard. If you wanted to capture live performances’ tone, you’ve achieved something really awesome. Congrats! 😀

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          Posted at 10:53h, 12 April

          Thank you very much !!
          I think in the old times Angus had more drive more gain in live situations than today 😉

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    Posted at 15:09h, 09 April

    just a sound demo ! No perfection here 😉

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