IYWB “Live” album content: Overdubs and studio tricks? (NEW evidence!)

29 Aug IYWB “Live” album content: Overdubs and studio tricks? (NEW evidence!)

Hello folks.

Just writing up this article to discuss a few rumours and facts about the “If You Want Blood” live album

Marcus (username Mackollas) and I, while casually talking, realized that “Whole Lotta Rosie” is, perhaps, the most obviously “patched up” track for a very tangible fact: It is, basically, the edited LTBR LP version.

Now… wait… Just wait…. Before you start jumping at me with “WHAT??” or “Are you nuts/ insane/ f*cked up???”, please listen to this file:

[jwplayer mediaid=”8246″]

This is the intro of the IYWB version (slowed down, so the pitch is lowered) followed by the studio version.

Note how the final A of the riff second time around is longer and then the third run of the riff is stiffer on both versions.
More importantly: The guitar tone is EXACTLY THE SAME.

Later on, the “She’s got it ALLLLLLLLLL” line also matches the studio version 100%

[jwplayer mediaid=”8251″]

“BUT…. The solos are different!!!! They can’t be the same!”


[jwplayer mediaid=”8249″]

[jwplayer mediaid=”8252″]

Just listen to it carefully. No need to even compare to the studio version.
The tone is also 100% the same. It’s even scary. It IS that very same “overloaded mic preamp” sound.

And a more stupid giveaway. listen to Malcolm missing the chord slightly here:

[jwplayer mediaid=”8247″]


What does this mean? The instrumental rhythm part is simply the sped up (and slightly edited) album version, but with different solos and vocals.

So… what these solos are exactly?

My bet: They are unused outtakes from the LTBR sessions.

Also, let’s consider this: as much as Angus always change up the solos live, he always keeps the same “formula”. If you listen to ALL the “Whole Lotta Rosie” versions from 1977, through the ’80s and up to today, you will notice they always start with that signature rhythmic riff.

Instead, here, we have that messy (yet powerful) “C notes followed by an A note with vibrato” lick. Why only during this night? Why didn’t we ever hear it again ever since?

Plus, the solo as a whole on the “IYWB” live album is considerably “more primitive” (structure-wise) than either the final studio take or the later live versions. So, we can assume it was an earlier outtake, perhaps even from the same day.


What about the vocals? Well

Rumours say that many backing vocals were also re-recorded for the album. Some cite “Rock n Roll Damnation” as one of these tracks. I’d dare to say that “High Voltage” could be another example. After all, being as good as they are at guitar and bass, Malcolm and Cliff are not exactly good singers.

It’s important to remember that it was a common thing for the band to use “instrumental” versions of their songs as playback during TV promo clips, while Bon would do his vocal performance right at the spot.

The first assumption we can make is that, most probably, the vocal track of “Rosie” was also especially recorded for this version. The very demanding “she’s got it all” line just after the intro is the same as the original studio track, so maybe Bon couldn’t get that line right during this possible 1978 session, forcing them to re-use the LP version line.

Another possibilty is that the vocals also could be LTRB session outtakes.


The shorter ending can be explained as well: seemingly, it was chopped off.
You can hear Bon’s wail stopping exactly at the same time as the band changes from the G# note to the closing A chords. A coincidence? Maybe not.

This fact may suggest that the vocal track really is from the LTBR sessions, because if it was recorded for the IYWB album, maybe the final “Rosieeeeee” wouldn’t stop so suddenly.

Another thing is that Angus’ transition from the G# note to the closing “mini-solo” doesn’t sound very natural either. Usually he would play a longer solo, building up until it reached that boiling point.

Of course. this is only speculation of my part, though.


Another giveaway? This time it’s Phil Rudd who gives us a clue. Listen to the final drum fill (first, the “live” version, then the studio one and, finally, the two together):

[jwplayer mediaid=”8285″]



I never thought I could manage to do this, but it was easier than I thought. I just had to adjust the speed and cut the end… well… This is the final evidence:

[jwplayer mediaid=”8286″]

It’s amazing, but the quieter part of the solo is also the EXACT SAME take as the studio one. Just note how the guitars are perfectly in synch and the palm mutes happen at the exact same time.




So… Is the whole album “FAKE”??


No. Quite not. It’s a very common thing for bands to “edit” their live performances before releasing them. As controversial as this fact may be, it’s more common than we usually would like to imagine.

The other detail is that “Rosie” is the ONLY track that has a slightly higher pitch, so this fact itself says quite a lot. .

So, all in all, this was not the “Whole Lotta Rosie” the audience at Glasgow heard.

The question now is: Why was this done? Perhaps something happened with the original recording? Or maybe they didn’t perform it well? Maybe we will never know.

But simply using the sped up studio track with a different vocals and solo is beyond anything I could ever imagine. They could have replaced it with “Dog Eat Dog” instead, or even use the extended “Rocker” solo to fill in the missing time. Yet, this is what we got instead.

But then again, Rosie has always been a fan-favourite, so maybe they couldn’t let the album go without it.

On the bright side, we got an amazing “Alternate Studio Take” to listen to. 🙂

André Heiji

Life is music.

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    High Voltage
    Posted at 22:06h, 16 November

    You know… I’ve offended wondered why the Whole Lotta Rosie didn’t match up to the rest of the album… I originally thought it was from a different gig altogether. Buy upon listening to both the studio version and If You Want Blood Version… It’s obvious they’re the same recording, albeit with the edits as mentioned. Was this the idea of Harry and George, or Mark Opitz? These questions still remain unanswered…

  • avatar
    Posted at 03:22h, 15 June

    Just listening to the live version now. Totally agree. There is nothing live about this at all. The vocal stands out – well the whole thing stands out now that mention it – but Bons vocal goes from ruff and gruff on the other tracks to one with the edges all smoothed out. It’s all just too clean sounding.

  • avatar
    Posted at 10:15h, 07 September

    Haven’t actually had chance to read any of this 🙁

    but i can tell its going to be a fascinating read 🙂

    was able to brows through a few of the comments and it make me wonder whether its the same story with LTBR movie

    anyone know why the movie is in mono? 😉


    • avatar
      Posted at 18:26h, 07 September

      I have read that the newest release was in Mono due to the simple fact that they were not happy with the Stereo mix that was released on Bonfire from ’97.

      I read that they could barely make a Stereo mix (had trouble with the tapes or something along those lines.)

      (I’ll try to find the link of the article I read,it’s really interesting,written by someone who helped mix the show for Bonfire,and also had the task of finding the tapes,if I’m not mistaken.)

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    Posted at 04:54h, 03 September

    Doesn’t matter to me, it’s still bloody awesome. It’s not like they’re not good live, I’m sure many of us have seen them and can confirm that they’re one of the best bands to see live. I saw them for the first time on the Black Ice tour and my mind was shattered by the epic screaming amazingness that is AC/DC live. I would even say they’re better live than on the records.

  • avatar
    Posted at 20:07h, 01 September

    Whether the album is “fake” or not it ,not by any means, makes it less enjoyable to listen to. =)

    • avatar
      Posted at 22:25h, 01 September

      Agreed. It would be one thing if the edits sound bad or the version sounded bad, but it doesn’t and it’s one of my favorite albums from the band.

      • avatar
        Posted at 02:47h, 15 November

        I think this is the only “fake” live song on the album… It’s one of the very few from the album that doesn’t have released concert footage. I think this is amazing, and it’s awesome that this is just unused stuff from LTBR recordings. 🙂

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    Posted at 19:20h, 31 August

    Managed to put the two versions in synch and…. hmm….

    Looks like a small part of the solo is actually THE SAME on both versions. LOL

  • avatar
    Posted at 12:48h, 31 August

    André/ Marcus, you two really are “tone nerds” Ha ha xD


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