It’s Official: The Schaffer Replica was used on AC/DC’s album “Rock Or Bust” (Guitar Player Magazine)

14 Nov It’s Official: The Schaffer Replica was used on AC/DC’s album “Rock Or Bust” (Guitar Player Magazine)

Whew. I can finally say it out loud; or scream it. Or simply, continue to whisper it…ppst, the Schaffer Replica – an act of love initially, now a serious element of my entire life – has been used by Angus Young across the whole recording sessions for the latest AC/DC album – out on the next 2nd of December 2014 – “Rock Or Bust”.

The whole story is being covered by Guitar Player Magazine chief Editor Michael Molenda, who has interviewed Angus and Cliff yesterday in NYC (Michael was in touch with Ken Schaffer as well).

We will be interviewed as well for our side of the story next week, and the two stories – AC/DC’s new album and our “Schaffer Replica twist” will be mixed together in a main article on Guitar Player Magazine.

You can read of sneak preview of the paper article, due out on the January 2015 Guitar Player Magazine issue (thus out for us next December 2014, usually one month in advance) here


It’s funny, if you stop and  think about the following for a minute: my search for AC/DC (Angus) sound certainly started many, many years ago, but only got its more serious twist when I read that article on Guitar Player Magazine from 1984. It’s funny (strange) that I happen to be covered on the same magazine, exactly 30 years later.




(PS expect loads more of information and stuff from us; we were only working behind for all of this; tons of news and goodies to come in 2015!)

Fil "SoloDallas" Olivieri

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    Posted at 07:06h, 23 January

    Congratulations, this is absolutely amazing!

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    Posted at 20:48h, 03 December

    Very cool album, and some fantastic sounds. Yeah they did it again

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    Posted at 17:29h, 02 December

    Rock or Bust FINALLY released in the U.S.!
    Picked it up last night and I love it. I listened to all tracks this morning and I have to say there are some hits and misses but overall a great album. The warmth and body the Schaffer Gold Tag gives is obvious and welcome! Congrats Fil on having a part in true rock history!!

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    Posted at 16:00h, 02 December

    Dear Fil,
    It’s freaking unbelievable how your humble search for the TONE finally get you in touch with Angus himself and, more of this, your sweet replica to be used on this recent album (I’m not licking the word “last”…). By doing this, I hope you are aware now that you’ve just putting a stone on R’n’R road! And I’m pretty sure that this is not just closing the circle but it is a new beginning for those who want that rough still warm sound of classic rock.

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    Posted at 23:58h, 30 November

    I just wish Angus had some longer solos on the album, like Black Ice the songs dont have too many long solos. Most of them are very short. And I feel the Angus solos pop out too much from the rest of the songs, they sound seperated from the rest of the instruments in a way I cant really explain too well. Shame the album is so short too, would have loved it to be at least 40-45 minutes 🙂 I hope it will grow on me, as it stands now S.U.L is the last album by them that just says AC/DC in its purest form. I dont understand the hate towards S.U.L or Ballbreaker, two very underrated albums in my opinion.

    So great to know the SVDS was used on the album though, a true triumph for Fil and an imense joy for Angus I can imagine! I still remember the day I first saw a video on YouTube by Fil, a fan forever since that very day. Looking forward to whatever the future is holding in regards to our musical adventure!

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      Posted at 12:12h, 02 December

      Don’t download the Google Play version of the album. Whoever did the MP3 conversion did a horribly crappy job. It sounds like they normalized it for a 2nd time after being normalized in post production. Everything is equally as loud so you can’t really hear anything. Brian Johnson is especially hard for me to hear. The music video of Play Ball on youtube sounds better than the actual track. The hi-hats sound compressed & fuzzy. The kick drum over modulates to distortion and I can hear some dynamic compression so it doesn’t clip so bad that it pops. Listening to the chorus in Emission Control it really shows. When they say “Give’n it up!” it clips pretty bad. On Miss Adventure it suddenly gets noticeably louder 16 seconds then again at 18 seconds. When the chorus comes in and the whole band sings I can hear it distort. I could go on. I’ve tried different players just in case. I am listening to the album through Sony MDR-V600 studio monitor headphones so maybe that is making a difference. I’m going to buy the CD later today and hopefully its different.

      Has anyone else heard the Google Play version? Am I just crazy?

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        Posted at 21:58h, 03 December

        I haven’t heard the Google Play version, but the tracks I have heard all sound like they’ve been horribly slammed by a limiter. I was debating whether to buy it on CD or vinyl (thinking that the shorter album length could make a great record pressing), but I’ll see if I hear a copy at my local record shop to see if distortion is indeed on the master.

        For the record, I HATE how modern recordings are being mastered…

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          Posted at 23:46h, 04 December

          Oh that loudness war. Do they master the same way on vinyls?

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            Posted at 05:22h, 05 December

            Sometimes yes, sometimes no. Stevehoffman forum is a good place to find more info on that subject.

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              Posted at 17:56h, 13 December

              There is a standardized way to measure how much dynamic range a recording has, called the DR value (google it or go to the stevehoffman forum for more info). High DR value is good, meaning more dynamic range and low DR value is bad. There is a DR6 version of the album, which seems to be the most common version. DR6 is below the value of 8, which most people claim is ‘acceptable’. There is also a more rare DR8 version of the album (perhaps sold in Germany, but not confirmed). There is also an ‘iTunes’ master, which has an even lower DR value, which is why when you see the words ‘mastered for iTunes’, you should probably stay away.

              The vinyl version reportedly is a DR11, which is pretty good, and it going to sound a lot better… I will be picking up the vinyl this weekend.

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    go down
    Posted at 13:29h, 28 November

    Well it’s finally the 28th November and the torture(for me anyway!)is over. I have just picked up the cd of Rock or Bust. I resisted the download and leaks,and so glad that I waited. The album sounds loud alive and full(if that is a description)YES the Schaffer replica that Fil gave to Angus has made ALL the difference in the world. I would seriouslyrecommend listening to it on a good sound system or in a good car system. I think this one is a grower,the more listens the better it will get.I won’t review the tracks but I will tell you about the packaging. The 3D lenticular cover is better physically than it looks on the computer images,that by now everyone’s familiar with,pretty cool I think.Open the gatefold and you see the picture of Malcolm’s and Angus’ guitars leaning against a Marshall stack again previously seen but still great to see.Behind the Cd is the AC/DC lightning bolt in the same style as the cover.The back cover is the track listing,which again has been seen previously,good to see the Alberts production logo at the bottom of the track listing.The big surprise for me at least is the booklet that is behind the guitar picture,20 odd pages of wonderful individual and group shots set in the same style as the guitars against the Marshall. Awesomely cool!!Yes there are some pics of Phil Rudd BUT NOT in the group shots,and a very poignant picture and message to Malcolm from the band (I won’t spoil it,you will have to see read it for yourselves)
    So all in all I think Rock or Bust as a complete package is fantastic. More than we as fans of the band could or should have the rite to expect after the tragedy that has befallen AC/DC in 2014.Jesse Fink(who wrote the book The Youngs) has today described this new CD the best album since Flick of the Switch maybe even Back in Black!
    Fil’s Schaffer Vega Diversity system replica RULES(just ask Angus!)
    Sean in Australia

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    Posted at 21:47h, 24 November

    Just heard the whole album, Fil, TSR sounds fucking awesome!!!!! I’m glad Angus used it and I can’t wait to hear him on tour with it!!!

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      Posted at 22:10h, 24 November

      That’s awesome!!! Thanks for letting me know! So far I’ve only heard 4 songs and I am pretty sure at least three of them have the TSR on them – thanks much for your report! Love, Fil

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        Posted at 18:54h, 02 December

        You’re very welcome!! I heard it on most/if not all of the songs I think.

        Have you heard the album yet, since it’s release day today? What do you think of it? 😀

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      Posted at 22:30h, 24 November

      If anyone wants the link:https://vk.com/wall-80533682_43

      Emission Control… Wow. The whole album is definitely more jovial as a whole.

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    Posted at 21:14h, 20 November

    Have a listen to some new ones:

    I’m almost positive I can hear it on Rock the House. Also, holy shit they still know how to make some good music.

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    Posted at 09:23h, 20 November

    Congratulations, Fil! You are very deserving of the adulation and credit for all of your hard work over the years!

    “The circle is now complete . . . when I left you I was but the learner, now I am the master.”

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    Posted at 13:19h, 19 November

    how could he NOT use it! 😀

    looking forward to the full artical

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    Posted at 09:03h, 17 November

    Congratulations Fil !!
    This is so Awesome……

    It should be humbling to think that you are helping to create a whole new generation of AC/DC tone. Without the Replica, Angus’ beautiful sound could have been lost forever……..

    I’ll certainly be sharing mine with my son. 🙂

    Job well done Sir.
    Thank you

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    Posted at 18:23h, 16 November

    You’re right ! It certainly has come full circle exactly 30 years later. Incredible when you stop to think about it!

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    Posted at 11:11h, 15 November

    That is some great news!
    I was hoping about it.
    Congratulations Fil, that is well deserved!

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    Posted at 01:37h, 15 November

    Congrats Fil
    Just an amazing story
    We salute you

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    Posted at 22:33h, 14 November

    Way to go Fil, loving all the exposure the replica, you,Mr.Schaffer and of course this website is getting!

    You’ve all earned it.

    So happy Angus used it.

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    Posted at 21:33h, 14 November

    Congratulations! Got nothing else to say. Really.


    Keep going on

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