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What Classic Rock is to SoloDallas

Wikipedia defines “Classic Rock” as the Album Oriented Rock radio format developed in the United States in the early 1980s. This format came to include a large playlist of songs from the 1960s to the early 1990s.

In the SoloDallas philosophy, any definition of  “Classic Rock,” must first and foremost pay heed to the warmth of the raw tube sound heard on those records, the gritty, growling guitar tones with those head aching, cutting through medium frequencies, the violin-like vibratos of oh so many great players, the power of the great and grooving timing of those drummers, bass players and guitarists playing together.

The SoloDallas House of Rock had its beginnings in the basement of founder Filippo Olivieri’s home in Rome, Italy. Fil had created a YouTube channel under the screen name “SoloDallas.” Before he knew it, the channel had gathered over fourteen million video views and thousands of loyal subscribers and grew into a beautiful community of like-minded guitarists as they all interacted through the comments sections on Fil’s fun, educational, and always quirky comments, descriptions and videos.

Devoted to this community, Fil quickly gained a reputation as someone who was always willing to take the time to help aspiring guitarists with even the most basic questions about equipment, style, technique, variations and notable signatures. SoloDallas.com became home to thousands of avid guitarists and tone hunters dedicated to keeping that fast-disappearing, authentic, incredible sound alive.

Welcome to SoloDallas.com.