“Gone Shootin’ Gallery” Gold Tag TSR vs. Old Gear.

28 Mar “Gone Shootin’ Gallery” Gold Tag TSR vs. Old Gear.

Hello Fellow Members!!!


Here we go with my 2 cents on the Amazing Gold Tag TSR #29. First off I have to give an immensely huge THANK YOU to Fil and Franz for their relentless work on this

project. This unit is beyond compare to any other pedal I’ve owned before.


To start out I’ll begin with the unveiling of the package. As described by others when the Yellow package arrived with, for me, a foreign language on the outside I knew precisely what was inside. The TSR that I had awaited for. For at least two long years I had waited for this and now it was here!!!!



IT’S HERE!!!!!!

As said It was packaged like everyone else’s in a Yellow “Austrian Post” box that had seen it’s way half way across Europe, over the Atlantic ocean and crossing the US to the West Coast of Oregon. For the path it had taken it didn’t seem too worse for wear.

As I began to unpackage I could see the level of safety concern for the unit that Franz had taken. Everything was wrapped in bubble wrap and/or foam wrapping.

Stuffed I tight and cozy for the Looooong journey.

Stuffed I tight and cozy for the Looooong journey.

Of course, Next on the list was to run to Radio Shack (all speed limits obeyed of course……. 😉 ) to get the plug adapter for use here in the USA.

With that all said and done it was time for the party.

I think it compliments the Aracom quite nicely...

I think it compliments the Aracom quite nicely…


So for my audio/Video review part of this I’ll let the sound do the talking. The audio only clip is of my old “AC/DC” set-up.

It consisted of My  2203, 2 x 12 G12-65, Aracom, Dyna Comp, Tube Screamer and a Box of Rock.

I had to EQ a decent amount as well as add treble and reverb to the sound to achieve what the final result is. As per usual, a good sound but none the less not good enough.

Video clip is of the Marshall, Aracom PRO-2 and the GTTSR. NO EQ only slight reverb added.

Amp settings are P:0 B:5 M:4 T:5 Master:6 Pre: 4-5.

As a disclaimer of sorts; the TSR is not the only change in gear between the two samples. In the audio only I’m using an Angus Sig. pickup and in the video I had installed a Manilus T-Top. Which by the way is $ well spent. Mick’s customer service is outstanding and the sound and quality of this pickup is nothing short of awesomeness!!

So without further adu, adoo, adue, ado????





Audio only Pre TSR Gear:



Video with Gold Tag Replica


So there’s my take. I’m not professional by any means. Just a regular guy giving my experience. For those of you waiting for yours believe me…. it’s well worth it!!!!!!!

Any impressions, criticisms, questions ect. are welcome in comments. Until next time this is

06AngusSG (Jon) Signing off…………… 😉






Jon Saxe

Just here to learn and try to give something back. :) 2006 SG Standard (Heavily Modified) 1978 Marshall 2203 100w Head. (un-molested) Self Built 2x12 cab w/ G12-65's

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    fred temps
    Posted at 12:37h, 22 May

    Hi there 🙂

    Nice job … that sounds great really !

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    Posted at 22:39h, 19 May

    What do we have here?? The Schaffer Replica Gold Tag on Phil X´s rig!!!
    i think we will here about the TSR on his next videos \m/


    p.s. sorry i didnt knew where else to post it.

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    Posted at 12:03h, 30 March

    Great writing, Jon! Yeah, the legendary yellow packages 🙂 The Austrian post sell them in severeal sizes as their standard package boxes and I chose them because they fulfill international norms and are light but still very stable.
    Well, I’m happy that you like yout Gold Tag.
    And I really love all the feedback posts because they show me the actual results of my work: yellow packages all around the world, people opening them and rocking their asses off with our units 🙂

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    Posted at 09:24h, 29 March

    Both sound great BUT I think you need a bit more boost to really make that solo come at you. Try to turn up the TSR settings…Not sure which one though as I don’t have mine yet.

    • avatar
      Posted at 17:09h, 30 March

      Thanx man. Yeah, I’m still experimenting with the settings. If I get a better take in the future I’ll update the post. 🙂

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    Posted at 22:46h, 28 March

    Great Job! They both sound good….not sure how high you had the settings on the svds as it’s not a night and day difference but then again it’s marshall of course it will sound great either way but the svds one just adds that little something extra and just the right amount of it!

    • avatar
      Posted at 04:59h, 29 March

      Thanx!! Settings were both around 11o’clock. I’m still trying to work out the sweet spots. But that was my thoughts exactly with these two samples.

  • avatar
    Posted at 10:10h, 28 March

    Groovy!!!!! Great how you put in the TSR showing all its glory! 🙂

    • avatar
      Posted at 05:00h, 29 March

      Thanx Ant! The needle is quite mesmerizing isn’t it? 😎

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    Posted at 07:03h, 28 March

    i loved it man, sounds amazing! hope i can pick one of the pedals up soon!

    • avatar
      Posted at 05:03h, 29 March

      Thanx Ryley. Waiting is well worth it. With what you’ve been cranking out with your 2203 I’m hear eager you with one.

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    Posted at 06:38h, 28 March

    video is not working

    • avatar
      Posted at 06:44h, 28 March

      Should work now. For some reason it got set to “private” at YouTube by mistake.

      • avatar
        Posted at 07:50h, 28 March

        Sounds great. Thanks for fixing.

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    Posted at 05:59h, 28 March

    So here we are guys. I got this a few weeks ago but have only now got around to my review for what it’s worth.

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