Get That Tone! (AC/DC & Sandercoe’s Video Contest Tone Video)

12 Aug Get That Tone! (AC/DC & Sandercoe’s Video Contest Tone Video)

Now, here’s a video I shot (trying to be professional) recently.

This was an officially sponsored video by AC/DC (yes, I got that close to them in this instance), made to support Justin Sandercoe’s AC/DC official guitar contest made by AC/DC to launch the IronMan 2 soundtrack.

My intent here was to try and re-create some decent AC/DC guitar tone, somehow relating to the studio Album “Back in Black”.

The original clip lasted a lot more, but was cut to circa 5 minutes by the production for practical reasons.

These are some pictures of that recording session that I took:




WARNING: the image below is HUGE (if you click on it, that is)


Fil "SoloDallas" Olivieri

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    Posted at 11:30h, 14 March

    Awesome Tone !!!
    Can you tell me more details about the gear you used ?
    Is this a Marshall JTM 45 with KT66 power tubes and what cabinet & speakers were used ? It looks that you used a SM57 mic, is this right.
    I want to try to replicate this tone with Amplitube 3 software.Some weeks ago they released the new JH Gold model in the Custom Shop which seems to be a Marshall JTM 45 model from the Jimi Hendrix era.
    It would be cool if could post the complete video 🙂

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      Posted at 11:34h, 14 March

      Well no, it’s a 1987X with EL34s. Speakers are pre-ROLA G12M, as far as I know.

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        Posted at 14:15h, 14 March

        Thanks, for the quick answer !
        Does anybody know if there´s such a model in software ?
        I will try the other Marshall models in Amplitube, let´s see how they work.As far as I know a JTM45 was used during the Ballbreaker recordings which I like alot.

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          Posted at 19:46h, 14 March

          The “Jump” model in GuitarRig sounds pretty good.

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            Posted at 01:34h, 15 March

            I will chip in on this 🙂 yea the jump is the best one with the black 80s cab, keep the master vol on 6 and the pre amp on 6 also

            Mic the cab with two mics dyn421 and the con 87 both on edge of cone

            Bass treble n mids at 5

            Give that a go 😉

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    Posted at 02:33h, 29 November


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    Posted at 20:15h, 24 March

    Ciao Solo.. il mio cruccio è tirar fuori un suono il più possibile simile alla ritmica di Malcolm. Nella Gretsch è percepibile uno “shape” sulle medie che la mia Gibson 339 non ha, anche se il crunch che tiro fuori è abbastanza credibile. Potresti se vuoi/puoi darmi qualche consiglio su come settare l’ampli? E’ un piccolo Vibro Champ Fender da 5 Watt in classe “A” con una 12Ax7 al pre ed una 6V6 al finale. Il Vibro Champ a disposizione un “voicing” digitale (lo so.. per gli Ac non è il massimo, ma questo passa il convento..) dove posso scegliere tra Old Combo Brit (Marshall Jtm45), Old Stack Brit (Marshall Plexi) e Modern Stack Brit (un moderno stack Marshall). Volendo potrei anche selezionare la “voce” del Fender Bassman, abbastanza fedele alle sonorità Ac/Dc. Potrei abbinare anche l’overdrive Hao Rust Driver “Plexi Tone”. O sarà meglio cercare di tirare per il collo la 6V6? O butto l’ampli? 😉 Ciao Solo!!

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    Posted at 22:27h, 05 December

    i know but which valvestate ?

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