first tsr pedal cover! shot down in flames Paris live

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    Posted at 19:03h, 28 May

    Wow. Great tone. Really fat. Very happy you like it 🙂

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    Posted at 11:04h, 28 May

    well what can i say… i had THE BLAST of my life doing this…. i`ve been searching for the Paris `79 tone for a very long time….. and now i think im almost there….

    i remember some day ago as i received the famous yellow package ( was a bit of torture because it first went to germany and then privately with a friend to romania as i am studying there).

    i sat there and could not believe that there must be that thing inside. the thing i`ve been waiting for such a HARD long time.

    as i was opening the package my heartbeat starts to raise and my puls was beating the drums of phil rudd xD!!!!!!!

    i imediately hooked it up to my usb-interface as i only have little marshall ms-4( which sound f***** fantastic with the TSR) here in romania and my software emulation. at my real home i have a blackheart 5w tube-head and i am soooo muucchhh dying to try that out and PUMP the s**** out of that little AMAZING sounding head.

    i went on openend amplitube 3, went for a vintage metal lead, set the preamp to around 3-4 and the tsr pedal both knobs to 12 o clock and REALLY did not know what to play first( as much as i remenber i went for an A-chord) and my feelings were like :,,****uhserbfnguzucnzhre874365homndbiocpge5znv“!!!!!! my guitar became instantly alive, SSOOOO much pressure and fatness and thickness… really unbelievable!!!!

    As i was VERY passionate about the tone in the LTBR movie from `79 i tried to replicate it as much as possible with amplitube… and that is what came out…. dont know if its good at all…. but the fun i had and my sweaty fingers tell me something different!!!!!!

    well, i really really really have to thank fil&franz for making this possible. there really was no day when i didnt whatch a video that featured a TSR until i got it… and there IS NO day that i dont enter solodallas.com….

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      Posted at 11:09h, 28 May

      sorry for the little typos.. sometimes my keyboard does not type all the letters!!!!!

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      Posted at 14:20h, 28 May

      Wow. Can’t say that your emotions didn’t shine through, both the playing and the write up. I’m touched. You know why? Because I know all of this so well. The waiting (I’ve waited too for a long time, to find this sound). So I think I can connect wonderfully with what you say. Nice, very nice. Made me happy. You have lots of fun. Loads of fun. Fil! 😀

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        Posted at 18:13h, 28 May

        Thank you so much for your words 🙂

        you really nailed it. I am so glad to have this wonderful piece of rock n`roll history.

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