Elliott Randall (Steely Dan)

21 Jun Elliott Randall (Steely Dan)

“Here’s rockin’ at you, kid. I’m playing through a “Schaffer Replica” —a totally magical box invented by my long-time friend Ken Schaffer. It’s a big piece of Angus’ AC/DC “texture”. I wasn’t playing particularly loudly —it’s in the box. Earthquake time!

One could spend hours explaining the technological side of the TSR’s magic, but until you actually hear and feel one, it will remain a mystery. I’ve spent my whole life playing Rock in its many forms: there are few “super-sounds.” The Schaffer Replica is an amazing addition to the tonal palette available to the guitarist “in search of the lost sound” …or the ones who want to sound as big and compelling as Angus. Any way you slice it, please listen and experience a piece of gear that has had engineers raising their eyebrows and grinning broadly when I kick the it into my circuit.”

Elliot Sorkin
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