Current State Of The Schaffer Replica Development – Gold Tag Version and Pedal – Part V

25 Nov Current State Of The Schaffer Replica Development – Gold Tag Version and Pedal – Part V

Dear Members,

long time no update. but now we have a big one:

All parts, PCBs, cases, everything needed for the Gold Tag production is ordered, and the cases and the PCBs are already in the works.

Also, Mr. Schaffer spent some elbow grease in 100 autographs on polished brass plates for the Gold Tag versions and our trusty member Headwhop (Jacob Yergert) made the labeling print designs for both the Gold Tag and the pedal.

We expect being able to start the Gold Tag delieveries in mid December, in “first come, first serve” order. 25 Gold Tags are still available at the time of writing.


For the pedal, PCBs and electronic parts are already ordered, pedal production will start in January, we expect the delieveries will start End of January/mid February.


We had some problems with the CE/EMV certification lab, which had no time slots free for testing our devices until January. Not to mention the costs of the certification, which is as high as 4.000 Euros.

But we need the certification and we will get our units certified. And instead of letting you wait another two months, we decided to declare all units as prototypes, which is totally legal, as long as you certify them later.

We will provide the certificate for Download here on the site when we have it.


Of course we will keep you updated with photos from the production process in the shops, if they allow us to take photos there.


Thank you so much for your patience, now its time to get something real in our hands.


Franz Farklas

I'm born 1970, a big AC/DC fan since 1982, when I got the "Back in Black" cassette tape together with a little cassette player from my grandpa. Fully classic rock addicted, don't like "modern" music styles like HipHop. 2009 I got a Gibson SG standard ebony, learning to play AC/DC songs from tabs and videos since then. Beside that, I'm a totally computer addicted guy and Linux Server specialist. Working as internet server and network admin and part-time IT consultant. So, when I'm not behind my guitar, I'm behind the keyboard :-) Feel free to contact me at ICQ 71095781 or MSN banane@exception.at or skype ffarklas@exception.at.

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    Posted at 12:08h, 29 December

    You can do your own CE certification there is no need to use a lab. There is even a place in England you can use all the equipment and save a fortune.
    Also has some information.
    Good luck with the project

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    Posted at 11:27h, 30 November

    Ant…the Gold Tag for christmas…the pedal at eastern 🙁

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    Posted at 03:31h, 30 November

    Now I just need to buy an SG…

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    Posted at 14:48h, 29 November

    Great News :). Can’t hardly wait to get the chance to plug it between guitar and amp, What a Roar, Neighbours watch out :D.

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    Posted at 05:33h, 29 November

    Thanks for the update gentlemen, going to be great! 😀

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    Posted at 22:30h, 27 November

    Hi , can you tell me where I am placed on the list please.
    I am hoping I am one of the first to have ordered as I was at homewaiting with an itchy trigger finger for the very first second the anouncement was made that ordering was open

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    Posted at 02:18h, 27 November

    Fantastic news!! Just in time for Christmas! (Fingers crossed) 😉

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    Posted at 13:30h, 26 November

    Great great news ! Can’t wait to get mine !
    But I think I was one of the last to order the GT… damn myself LOL !

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      Posted at 13:41h, 26 November

      Hey im a pedal man…. lol 😀

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        andre peralta
        Posted at 23:07h, 28 November

        LOL me too but longer waiting time 🙁

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          Posted at 01:34h, 30 November

          We will be seeing peps post vids with their TSR… its gona be pain and pleasure all at the same time XD

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