13 Apr Vintage Trouble – Nalle Colt

Nalle Colt, guitar player for Vintage Trouble, trying out our Schaffer Replica (Tower and Pedal). We got in touch with Nalle (hi, Nalle!) and proposed him our products. He’ll see if they fit within Vintage Trouble without causing… too much trouble. For sure, we can say one thing: Nalle is one hot cat, a terrific human being and we just love Vintage Trouble as a band.

Vintage Trouble have just finished recording their second album (out on the 14 of August) and we strongly encourage people to give them a serious listen.

They are also a terrific live act. A class act, in fact – chosen as AC/DC’s opening act on the Rock or Bust World Tour.

Love, Fil.


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31 May AC/DC’s “Down Payment Blues” (Powerage, Studio)

While we already knew that the Schaffer-Vega Diversity System had been used on Powerage (first studio album where it got used, actually), speaking with Angus the other day (yeah, right) gave me additional gas to go and play Powerage stuff. Here to you. First Powerage Video of the Schaffer Replica series, and also a song I had never covered on video previously. Great song, naturally (like most of this era if you ask me).  Better get it right, right?

Just as a reminder of my theory (that finds recount on the “AC/DC in the Studio” book), this album was entirely played – by Angus (more…)

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05 Jan AC/DC’s “For Those About To Rock (Album Compilation of Covers)”, The Schaffer Replica™ Series (SoloDallas covers)

I am going to try and compile here – this time – the covers that refer to For Those About To Rock.

Just for ease of access really, and to try and keep what I write in a sole place so that you don’t have to go picking up stuff around in bits and pieces.

NOT that I think what I have to say is SO important after all. So the big chunk I am going to say it right after the first three covers. Enjoy.


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