27 Aug AC/DC Tone: a continuos search. Part 1, Eleven Rack attempts

UPDATE: I changed a lot on this patch, after listening to it I think it sucked majorly. Lack of higher frequencies and not enough “middle crunch”.

Here it is to you again with a few changes. The equalization curve is VERY important, even for YOUR setup!

Please listen to the clip.

Yes I know, all of us are striving to achieve AC/DC tone or for that matter, classic rock tone.

Therefore, please give it a listen before you continue reading (soundpatch version 2.0):

Angus Tone on Back in Black from SoloDallas – Attempt

Since this is an extremely long subject that I intend to treat as in depth as humanly possible (many, many considerations are needed here) I will just narrow the matter here and just talk about my current settings on the Eleven Rack (a piece of hardware built into a rack shape by Digidesign – Avid Digital – that “models” guitar recording) to achieve decent AC/DC (Angus’, but it could apply to Malcolm’s as well) tone. (more…)

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18 Aug Why do I do it?

One note I feel I have to add, and right now I feel it could finally be the right time, is “why I do it”. I have been asked that a few times, plus I now feel I developed my own philosophy for it.
I have been called an “Angus Clone” many times. A poser, Angus’ lost brother, etc. (more…)

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17 Aug Studio58a: Where It All Began.

Yep, it was the name of my pro recording studio.

Well, where it all began for me, naturally. Even though, it is not correct either. Prior to making the studio, I had been a guitar player for twenty or more years, had been in bands, played live, etc.

Where this adventure – I might say – has begun for me.

Have some pictures first.

Entrance (see the stairs on your right; the place was below street level, basically, a basement I had converted into studio). Then, my “guitar wall”. Some of those guitars are long gone. Nope, don’t miss any of those. The ones I kept are the ones I wanted. On your left, corridor to control room and recording room. (more…)

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14 Aug Thanks for Watching, Google.

Update (as of Aug, 17th 2010): bottom line was, Google is watching me because i asked them to (what a fool I was, delirium of attention of my behalf? – laughs hard)

Basically, google is always indexing my pages here. It’s a SEO thing (laughs again). I have Google Analytics on, and that’s all: they provide click stream analysis, poor things.

I was just talking to myself. Nothing to see here, move along, move along… :) (more…)

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13 Aug Angus Young Guitars (updated)

By SoloDallas (original article in Italian, translation by Robert Taylor – our own ar2619Rob – : Thank You, Rob!)

Similar to the hypnotic effect that AC/DC music had on me when I first heard it (it was the LIVE Album “If You Want Blood, You’ve Got It” and it was, I believe, 1979), as soon as I set eyes on the photos of Angus Young embracing his Gibson SG, it was love at first sight, and certainly “Love at first Feel”. It’s a love that has continued to grow for about thirty years (even considering that I’ve tried far too many brands and models of guitars) the Gibson SG of the late ’60s has never left my mind since then.


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13 Aug SoloDallas.net current status, Copyrights and future direction

Update (as of Aug, 14th 2010)

Justin (Justin Sandercoe, a GREAT Musician, Teacher, Promoter and Inspiring Gentleman – you can find him here) has informed me that he has resolved his dispute about his AC/DC videos. The dispute apparently was between J Albert – who caused me to go down with the third warning on my main account – and Sony. But maybe, not exactly like so. I really don’t understand these matters – yet – and I should refrain from commenting. Anyway, news is that my video “Getting the AC/DC tone” was resumed on his channel. Good news.

Justin took the time to write me a splendid email, where he forwards me his comments about me to J Albert productions. I didn’t think I deserved that much attention. God – if he exists – Bless You, Justin.

EDIT: NEWS (as of Aug 13th, 2010): Justin Sandercoe has been “attacked” by copyright owners on his AC/DC videos on YouTube, too. Interesting thing is, Justin had been ASKED by AC/DC to do that! He did that in collaboration with Sony.

So what hit me, is hitting everyone. My intuition is that there is a war between recording labels and publishers. It’s not on “us” mere players, it’s between them. It could be a rational explanation. I expect BIG things coming out of this.

So, many of you have been wondering, what is going to be on solodallas.com, what’s its direction, what…?

Here a few quick answers to update you:

– After the shutdown of my main YouTUbe account a few days ago, I have created another YouTube page here

Nice to see what some people are saying about me.

By the way, Thank You, Tim!

(I consider Tim my long distance Manager).


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