04 Mar Now It’s All Clear: Angus Young and His Sound (1977-198x).

Well, theoretically. Today, while fiddling with things down at the laboratory – now I’m up at home, and I have  been listening to “Plug Me In”, Disc 1, the Early Years (looking at Mal’s and Ang’s Amps when live in those years, and listening close with the headphones, once again, for the millionth time) it just struck me – I wonder why not before, not so clearly – that it was a boost. It had to be a boost.

A boost of signal. Do you understand? How many times have you asked yourself (and me) “how do I get that sound?”. Haven’t we discussed it over and over, already? Yes, we have.

But have at least *I* tried it seriously, ever? No, I haven’t. Now I am and I will.

So, today I hooked a clean boost (a volume boost: it’s a pedal unit that has volume and tone on it, you plug it just like any other guitar stomp box, and you play) to my 1959 main input – I had just retubed it with new JJs – and it struck me.

Right there and then. Couldn’t believe it. It was there. The fundamental added tone harmonics were all there. (more…)

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25 Feb Angus Young’s Bridge Humbucker Pickup Considerations (UpDated)

March Update: Issue “solved”. It was a wiring issue. Guitar is now excellent sounding.


Update as of 25th of Feb 2011

Yesterday I received a Rio Grande BBQ pickup, supposedly around 12-13 kohms DC resistance, and installed it into blackie’s bridge position. Surprisingly, no big change. I’m thinking that either the circuit or harness wiring (which looks odd) or even some of the components of the circuit itself (pots and/or caps) may be only partially working. I compared blackie on the bridge position with other SG Standard’s (late ’60s) and the latter seem to give a higher output. I tried this up late last night, and blackie sounded simply almost clean, just on the edge of break up while the others sounded in well driven territory. So I am sending blackie to the shop to have the electronics checked. The BBQ pickup “seems” to be a good choice, but I also ordered two Riff Raff’s directly from Tim (Bareknuckles owner) to go into either blackie itself and/or into another ’68/’69 that seems to have a weak bridge pickup. Also for other experiments that I have in mind.

A few images for you of work done/pending

[singlepic id=424 w=1024 h=768 float=] (more…)

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10 Feb Guitar Player’s “99 Ways To Play (and Sound) Better”

From: Guitar Player

If you’re locked away in a basement for eight hours a day with a metronome and a torturous practice book that is equal parts Mel Bay/GuantanAmo Bay, you’re still not assured of transcendent 6-string skills. Sure, you may get stenographer-like dexterity and harmonic book-smarts up the f-hole, but playing soul-shaking music often requires a more diverse skill set. (more…)

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09 Feb Shredding that I like (warning, potentially “weird” content!)

Okay, now that I warned you, you will watch – that is, if you want – a Pink (yes, Pink!) live concert from 2009, a Led Zeppelin’s cover though (still in classic rock territory).

That is, “Baby I’m gonna leave you”.

I promise you, it shouldn’t waste 5 minutes of your life.

Besides being impressed with Pink’s own voice skills – really am – the guitar player there impressed me. I like this guy: Justin Derrico.


Then, digging more into Mr. Derrico’s playing,


And playing Guitar Rig with Pink’s live band:


If you like him, his sound and style (you may, since it’s rooted into classic rock, evidently) please pay attention to his hands, he “shreds” but at the same time, this young player still has plenty of feeling and great timing. Now, if these were to be the new generation of guitar players, I’d be content and satisfied.

Enjoy, hopefully

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10 Jan Aracom Amplifiers Features SoloDallas.net

Well, we’re honored to have Jeff (Aracom Products owner) feature us on a dedicated page at their website.

Aracom didn’t endorse us, I like to pay for great products since I have the chance to do so (and I am nowhere famous and never will be to get such a treatment). Jeff has many friends all over the world, and I am just one of them.

You can find our dedicated page here: SoloDallas’ at Aracom Products. Here’s Jeff’s own comment about us:

For quite sometime we have been a big fan of Filippo’s (Fil) work and “love” his guitar skills and his awesome tone. We were thrilled when Fil contacted ARACOM to purchase the PRX150-DAG attenuator. Fil has become quite well known througout the world with his guitar tutorial videos on YouTube that generated some 14 (fourteen) million video views and a few thousands subscribers. He has now created his own website solodallas.com, featuring his excellent video: Tutorials, Performance and Gear Reviews, all in HD Video.


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31 Dec Happy New Year!!!

Well, holidays are almost over, and I will be able to return to post stuff here. But that will only happen in… 2011!!!!

I wish all of us a terrific 2011. Full of the music type that we like the most – whatever that may be – and learning, learning and learning.

Lots o’ loving,


Fil :)


Our Australians friends have already started the partying!

[singlepic id=419 w=1024 h=768 float=]

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