The Original Schaffer Vega Diversity System

04 Jul The Schaffer-Vega Diversity System: The Original 1977 Unit (Updated)

Another smaller but important update on the SVDS. I was able to exchange emails again with Mr. Schaffer during my Italian sleep-less night (majorly jet legged here, and so Mr. Schaffer having come back from Russia where he met his long time friend Sting of which he sent me a few pictures) and he confirmed me the following:



From what I remember (I promised: very dodgy) there was no switch per se.. . the XLR is the clean way out… the front panel “monitor” was never meant to be in line… but a lot (most?) guys used the monitor output, I guess sometimes to overdrive the front end of the amp (which the XLR output would not do).


You know –  you can design something with one thing in mind, but once it gets out to the user, it can turn into a whole new ballgame.   Just like writing a song –  once it’s out there, the writer has like nothing to say about it !






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19 May Mr. Ken Schaffer responds to solodallas


Mr. Schaffer decided to reply directly via email.

Found his email this morning, upon waking up. Useless to try and describe what he told me and what I feel.

Let’s just say that he is willing to help me.

For now, an exclusive present of his to us: the original sticker that was affixed on each receiver of the original SVDS unit. You can barely see a round circle in pictures of the original SVDS, on the left side of the receiver looking at it from the front.


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16 May 10 Things All Guitarists Should Be Able to Do (Premier Guitar)

10 Things All Guitarists Should Be Able to Do

Steve Ouimette

10 things that amateur guitarists can do to play more like a pro.

Premier Guitar May 2011

For some reason, I’ve been getting out more often lately and experiencing live music. It’s been a mixed bag. Some have been national acts in large venues, while some have been at the local bar and club level. Most recently, I was a judge in a local guitar competition. After seeing the more polished national acts, I got a little spoiled hearing well put together sets that paced themselves and built up to a peak in the evening. All the musicians’ playing was spot on, and they were great experiences. Coming down to the local level, I witnessed a lot of similarities in players that were quite different from the national level acts. Of course this is to be expected to some degree, but it was overwhelming how many fundamental aspects of playing seemed to be overlooked. Here’s what I witnessed on the local level. It’s not a representation of everything that’s out there, but it hasn’t been pretty. Therefore I’m compelled to present my list of 10 things every guitarist should be able to do. It’s not too tall of an order, but it is an important list. (more…)
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16 May Avid’s Chris Townsend Talks about SoloDallas

Although I think egotism, self appreciation and stardom have to be strongly fought (inside of ourselves, for first) I am pleased to tell you that Mr. Chris Townsend – Lead Guitar Products Architect at Avid – has compiled a “definitive Eleven Rack Tracks List” – in Avid’s Eleven Rack Blog.

A few of my renditions with the Eleven Rack have been added: You’ll see the list right there.


And here’s Mr. Townsend comments on SoloDallas:

Special recognition should go to a few users in particular who are phenomenal players and really show off Eleven Rack to its potential.   Fil Oliveri, also known as SoloDallas (solodallas.com), can get the best AC/DC tone of anyone I’ve ever heard.  So much so that you might even swear you are listening to Angus and Malcom.  If you’re interested in how to get that kind of tone yourself, his site is full of great tips.

Do I feel proud? Yes, I do.

BUT I always look forward to successes for the community. As you know, I do NOT have an interest for myself for a “music” career. I did my choice years ago already.

However, being recognized more and more as a Rock point of reference, fills me with hope.


Yours, always,


Fil :)

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